I've spent my life striving to be half the husbands/fathers these three men were. On the left is my father, last seen here in a photo in which he is standing next to my aunt, his sister who married the man in the middle of this picture, my uncle Gerard. Gerard is one of the remarkable people I've ever known. He served as a medical corpsman during the Korean Conflict and befriended a young Korean soldier who he attended to. They remain friends to this day, Two men in their early 90s, worlds away from each other, chatting in Korean (loudly). The man on the right, my grandfather, was a stowaway from the Azore Islands who landed in Key West at 14 and worked his way up the coast to New Bedford where he joined the US Army by lying about his age. He fought with the Second Division in the Battle of Bellou Woods at the age of 17. He was stationed in rural Germany as part of the Army of Occupation after the war recovering from the effects of mustard gas and met and later married my grandmother. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos