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Red Delicious: 1953

Red Delicious: 1953

May 1953. "Entertainer Gwen Verdon dressed in a costume as Eve and surrounded by apples." Color transparency from the Look magazine assignment "The New Eve." View full size.


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If I had to guess, I'd say it's behind her head under her hair.
And here is another picture from that shoot; she is dressed for the original production of Can Can


(wiping brow) What a gorgeous shot! Thanks to the Kodachrome stability for giving us these colors. I'm proud to say that I processed K-14 for five years of my career over the 50th anniversary. Lots of cleaning gunky cine racks in those dye heavy developers.

[I believe this was actually an Ektachrome, which we lump in with the "Kodachrome" tag. Photoshop deserves probably as much credit as Kodak for this looking the way it does. - Dave]

Dis - Arming?

This is gorgeous, but I'm trying to figure out where her right arm is. Is it up behind her head? It is a strange angle. I remember her from various movies and she did have two arms.

Five years later

In the movie "Damn Yankees", Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets

Thank you Kodachrome!

As much as my nostalgic/living historian/appreciator of all things past-butt likes tintypes and B&W, this beauty was made for color.

In black and white, they're all blondes and brunettes.

Kodachrome [RIP] gave us the nice bright colors, the greens of summer ...

This enchanting redhead would have been a blonde or brunette in this pic if it weren't for good ol' Kodachrome.

To quote a great man [cough cough, Dave], previously seen here!

I just might be purchasing my first Shorpy print.

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