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Saturday Shoppers: 1941

Saturday Shoppers: 1941

November 1941. "View of Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia, on a Saturday afternoon." The street corner last seen here. Medium format acetate negative by Jack Delano. View full size.


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Too funny, Dave. Have you tried typing bus stop after a few beers on lockdown?

here's a good explanation of bust stop.

Be well,

Harold O.
Los Angeles

About "No Turns"

Even I was curious about the "No Turn" sign below the signal posted by jimmylee42. What the sign really states is "No U Turns." The U is there but not as noticeable in a B/W photo. This one just might be missed today while driving because we are so used to seeing so many large print, brightly colored signs.

Re: Bust stop

A bust stop is what happens when someone has to slam on their brakes upon seeing a Jane Russell lookalike at the crosswalk.

It's like Truman always said --

The bust stops here.

Bust stop?

Is the overhang over "Cola" a bust stop or shoeshine post or ???

[Pray tell, what is a "bust" stop? - Dave]


Barefoot in November. His mama shouldn't have let him do that. She looks like she could afford a pair of shoes.

Hasn’t changed a lot

I ride through this intersection often on my way to Athens. The buildings haven’t changed that much, but I rarely see this many well-dressed people.

Barefoot in the crosswalk

Grocery stores like the one on the corner were very common back in the day."Barefoot boys! Watch out for hazards!" I've never seen a sign like the one under the traffic signal. "No turns."

Coke mural

What a beauty. If you follow the link in Dave’s caption to the earlier post (Nov. 11, 2018), we get an even better view, close up. The bottle on the right is a masterpiece: the light gleaming on the vertical facets above the lettering on the bottle, the raised Coca-Cola lettering itself, the crimps of the bottlecap – all this is achieved with paint on brick. I applaud the skilled tradesman of yesteryear.

Everyone neatly dressed

... and one barefoot little boy.

[Two, actually. - Dave]

Western Auto

That signage would work well even today. I could not help but notice, as well, how neatly dressed the people are.

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