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Whitefish Bay: 1904

Whitefish Bay: 1904

1904. "Off for a fishing trip. Whitefish Bay, Ontario." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Photographic Company. View full size.



I think this might be Whitefish Bay on Missinaibi Lake in Ontario ...

[Detroit Photographic's other 1904 views of Whitefish Bay were taken from Mount Arabella and include McGregor Bay. So this particular Whitefish Bay is in the northern reaches of Lake Huron. - Dave]

Whitefish Bay Michigan/Ontario

From my knowledge Whitefish Bay is found at the east end of Lake Superior, and borders both Ontario and Michigan.

LJD56, are you saying this in a different location in Ontario? I did find a small hamlet on Google Maps near Lake of the Woods, on a Reserve by that name.

Here is a link to what I have always known as Whitefish Bay.

Is that you, Homer?

Has all the feeling of a Winslow Homer painting.

That background

is exactly what the famous Canadian artist Tom Thompson would paint. And he may have.


Look at the rib count. Built like an LL Bean canoe before Fiberglas.

Wrong Whitefish Bay

In response to WM Dyer, the Edmund Fitzgerald and the song by Gordon Lightfoot refer to Whitefish Bay, Michigan, not Ontario. That said, its still a great song!

Whitefish Bay

The Edmund Fitzgerald almost made it there back in '75.

"The searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay
If they'd put fifteen more miles behind 'er"

LL Bean

At first, I thought this was a painting. It looks for all the world like the cover to an LL Bean catalog.

Who owns this boat?

I think the man pushing the boat is the owner of this boat. He is also a married man according to the ring on his left hand. His partner must be single {no ring) and is too relaxed for this to be his boat. He does not seem too concerned about this boat being launched from these rough rocks.

Timeless Classic

The fishing vessel seen here appears to be an example of -- or at least a close approximation of -- the ubiquitous 19th-century Whitehall pulling boats once commonly seen in taxi or delivery service in every North American or English harbor. Still offered today by numerous specialty builders in various lengths, Whitehalls have never been surpassed in terms of combining seaworthiness, speed, dryness, and fine manners in all conditions. They are simply a joy to row.

Masculine felicity

Everything in this photo screams manliness from the hats, to the pipes, to the fishing gear, to those field boots that I want really badly.

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