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Tattoo II: 1941

Tattoo II: 1941

March 1941. "West Main Street. Norfolk, Virginia." Medium format acetate negative by John Vachon for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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Now Hear This

Three Light Cruisers approaching off the port bow.
All hands on deck and prepare to be boarded.

It's a Navy town

So I suspect that Coleman is not the community's only inker.

Just a short walk from a long pier

Nothing identifiable in this picture remains today, aside from West Main Street itself. There wasn't much of West Main Street in Norfolk then, or now. Main Street becomes East Main Street when it reaches Granby in the next block or so, and behind Vachon was the end of West Main Street. Now, West Main Street leads to the Nauticus museum and entertainment complex and the pier where the U.S.S. Wisconsin is permanently docked.

One Left

The only building that remains is the tall light gray one all the way down at the far right, past the tops of the parked cars. Everything else is long gone.

I'd Swear That Guy In The Hat

looks just like The Kingfish!

LOVE the Hot Dog Sign

That sign tickles me to no end! In the words of the Three Stooges, Hot Dog, it's the Cat's Meow!

Hot Dog

I'd love to see that light lit up at night.

Compact Afternoon

A quick lunch, followed by getting that tattoo and a loan, then a haircut before dinner, all in the space of six storefronts. Can't beat the efficiency!

Pick up your feet

I'd bet more than one sailor on leave made a face plant on that sidewalk.

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