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Well-Oiled Machine: 1930

Well-Oiled Machine: 1930

Circa 1930. "Ford Model A on lubrication rack at Lubeseal service garage." View full size.


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One of Ford's prettiest models!

The Victoria, with its cross between a two-door sedan and a coupe with that little bustle back, first debuted in 1928 and was continued through 1935. It was popular then and one of the most popular body styles today! Victoria would be a name Ford recycled endlessly through the decades, even to the recent past in the Crown Victorias.

Graco Inc.

In 1926 Russell Gray invents an air-powered, portable lubricator, the Model B; Gray Company is incorporated. It developed the famous Convoy Luber, which proved invaluable in maintaining Allied trucks and other military machines.


Guaranteed 100% Pennsylvania!

27 lubrication points

... every 500 miles.

I've never seen an actual

Triple Tuned Encabulator Manifold. Here is the original specification drawing

Zerk fittings

Apart from replacement suspension components like ball joints and tie rods, I can’t recall any vehicle in the last 10 years that had grease fittings. The atmospheric seals do a great job at keeping contaminants out. If the manufacturer could save 2 cents by not using a grease fitting, multiplied by tens of thousands, is quite a savings.

Another reason the grease fittings were eliminated was because the fitting usually had a little grease on the exterior of the fitting. This held dirt, which was then pushed into the grease fitting at the next lube, causing accelerated wear. I always wiped the grease off the fitting before and after greasing front end.

What causes a lot of failures is driving through high water. These seals are designed to hold atmospheric pressure, not water driven under high pressure. Now the water is in the socket, and the driver goes merrily on his way.

At least with the old grease fittings the suspension components could be flushed with new grease.

Swing-arm cuspidor

It amuses me that the nickel-plated hardware for catching the crankcase drainage would look at home in any dentist's office.

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