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Home Plate: 1941

Home Plate: 1941

June 1941. "Wife of defense worker setting table for dinner in trailer home. Trailer camp at Erie, Pennsylvania." Medium format acetate negative by John Vachon. View full size.


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Many thanks, everyone

for all of the excellent information on the dishes. I wish I had some of them now. I especially love the way that, in the Harlequin ad, they mis-matched the colors on the cups and saucers. I would totally do that. I remember when, growing up, a lot of our mismatched collection of dishes -- and dish towels to dry them with -- came out of soap powder and oatmeal (Crystal Wedding) boxes. I believe Homer Laughlin did a promotion like that too, with Carnival ware, but it was before my time.

Dishes I.D.

You're on the right track, JennyPennifer, the dishes are younger siblings of Fiesta, in this case the Harlequin pattern, introduced in 1938 as another product of the Homer Laughlin Pottery Co.. The Harlequin pieces are generally slightly smaller and lighter in weight than Fiesta, and were less expensive when they were originally sold in F.W. Woolworth ten-cent-stores. Harlequin did share Fiesta's Art Deco style, as they were also designed by Fredrick Rhead. Harlequin came in some different colors from Fiesta, including a striking mauve shade of blue.

Fine Dining

Getting a good defense job at a time when jobs were still fairly scarce AND a nice trailer to live in to boot seems like something worth celebrating! She's taking such pride in setting the table. And by the way the light is shining off of that spoon and knife, they appear to be real silver! I hope they had a great meal and a happy life!

Harlequin dishes

The dishes are not Fiesta, which had more rounded coffee cups. They are likely Harlequin, which was made by the same company, Homer Laughlin.

What's for desert Mom?

Family weekday dining in our household enlisted the saucers to function as desert plates. Fewer dishes for me to dry!

[Perfect for that cactus ice cream. - Dave]


It’s not Fiesta but close - those are Harlequin dishes, the lower priced siblings of Fiesta, also made by Homer Laughlin

The dish with the dishes

She's a cute lady; reminds me of Lee Remick. It's clear that she cares about setting the table for the meal, even though she needs to straighten out that silverware. Speaking of ware, I wonder if the dishes are Fiesta.

And RDown3657 is correct; it's all mugs now, at least in my world and the world of everyone I know. My coffee cups and saucers -- stacks of them -- that match my dishes, are on the highest shelf of the cupboard and are never used. My eclectic mug collection is prized, however, and my guests have a wide range from which to choose at coffee serving time.

No coffee mugs here.

I don't think anyone uses saucers under coffee cups any more. Am I wrong?

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