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Inauguration: March 4, 1933

Inauguration: March 4, 1933

March 4, 1933. "Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President and John Nance Garner as Vice President. Podium at U.S. Capitol East Portico, Washington, D.C." This 37th presidential inauguration, the first of four for FDR, was the last to be held in March before Inauguration Day was moved to January by the 20th Amendment. Harris & Ewing glass negative. View full size.


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Looks like Herbert Hoover above the eagle's left wing.

I'm at a loss ...

Any idea what the wired object is next to the two men?

[You? - Dave]

Re: Whiskers

Those of us fortunate enough to be Shorpy patrons received today an Inauguration detail of this photo, where we get a side view of FDR with his hand raised and a side/rear view of Chief Justice Hughes, his hand also raised high, and the profile of his white moustache clearly visible. (Sign up today to be a patron! Look for the pink Become A Patron rectangle in the right sidebar.)

Administration of the Oath has Changed

In 1933, Chief Justice Hughes recited the entire Oath. Then, FDR recited the entire Oath, perhaps from memory; it's hard to tell. That practice seemed to end with FDR.

In 1949, Chief Justice Vinson would say a brief phrase ("You, Harry Truman, do solemnly swear -- ") and Truman would repeat the phrase (I, Harry Truman, do solemnly swear -- "). As far as I can remember, that's how it's been done ever since.

The View From Above

I'm amazed at all the people up on the roof and standing outside the rotunda. Don't think they allow that anymore!

Excellent Whiskers

Chief Justice Hughes, administering the oath, had some classy facial hair. Some politicians today experiment with beards, mostly with embarrassing results.

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