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Omnibus Stop: 1951

Omnibus Stop: 1951

June 1951. "Times Square street scene." Now playing at the New York Theatre: Skipalong Rosenbloom. 35mm acetate negative by Angelo Rizzuto. View full size.


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Walking next to the sailor

is what appears to be a navy Chief Petty Officer. I can't see their left arms, but they could be wearing SP armbands signifying Shore Patrol. I'm a retired Navy Chief, and ran Shore Patrol on my last two ships, including going ashore in New York City. Great times indeed. Thanks for the memories.

Sailors, Dress Whites and Dress Blues

Can someone clear this one up for me. We have sailors in dress whites and dress blues. When I was in the Navy the uniform was dictated by the season. Any thoughts?

Big Beer

Love the 3-D Budweiser sign.

Out of Uniform

It appears there is one sailor on the corner that is out of uniform. He is in 'blues' and al the other sailors are in "whites". In June the uniform of the day would have been whites. (Blues are for winter months.)

I am also impressed with the size and complexity of the Budweiser billboard. Being able to look behind it shows a remarkable infrastructure.

Deep thoughts by the sailor on the left:

"In twenty years everybody will wearing the pants like mine."

New York Times

I need to know more about that cast iron appendage to the Walgreens corner. Is that the Times building?


The dictionaries say "omnibus" is the dative plural of "omnis" "all," implying it's "for all." I'd go with ablative plural if the bus takes everybody away.

43rd at Broadway on Times Square

1,000 seat Toffenetti Restaurant. The place to see and be seen.

That Rex Allen action film

... is probably "Silver City Bonanza" with Buddy Ebsen as his sidekick.

Alice, or Times Square

I say it is Alice (as in Wonderland) and not Dorothy.

But the main thing is this: I shall never again go to New York. This is chaos enough for me. I was there in 1999 for four days and never again! Though I had a very pleasant stay at Crystal's Bed and Breakfast in Harlem!

Shorpy Business

Is that the Shorpy Dentist (Painless, of course), Shorpy Accountants, or Shorpy Insurance advertising in the window?


When she escaped Oz and discovered Walgreens.

Hey, sailors!

Check out those bellbottoms. (I also attach a movie poster.)

On the Town

Sailors in Times Square? I'm reminded of Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Jules Munshin, trying to see all of New York in just twenty-four hours.

They never did get to the Hippodrome, the Aquarium, or the Woolworth Tower.

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