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Hur House: 1959

Hur House: 1959

July 1959. "Actor Charlton Heston at the site of his house being constructed in Coldwater Canyon, a hillside community above Beverly Hills. Includes Heston inspecting construction and wiring; playing with son Fraser; looking at house plans with wife Lydia." Photo by Earl Theisen for the Look magazine assignment "The house that Ben-Hur built." View full size.

Value in Real Estate

Heston's fee for acting in Ben Hur was approximately $US250,000 in 1959 (equivalent to $US2m in 2015 dollars). His house cost approximately $US150,000 in 1959 (equivalent to around $US1.2m at the sale of the house in 2015). The 2015 sale price of over $US12m surely represents a solid return!

Heston on Heston

Charlton Heston's autobiography, "An Actor's Life," was drawn from notes he kept in the margins of his day planner. It's a fascinating read because there's so much "small stuff" in there, including how quietly proud he was to have become successful enough to build a house for his family. Still well worth a read. I didn't care much for Mr. Heston's take on things toward the end of his life, but in the '60s he was marching with Martin Luther King in DC, at no small risk to his career.

Grounded Chuck

As a studio transportation driver, when I worked on the TV series "The Colbys", one of my duties was to drive Mr. Heston home at the end of shooting. His house was majestic. He was a friendly and pretty humble guy. He said, "Here at work, I'm just Chuck'."

Make sure to get a good roofer

So those terra cotta tiles don’t slip off and hurt someone.

House is a movie star, too

The house they are looking at the plans for is well known and has been used for multiple movies, especially in the last few years.

For example, Fatale, the 2020 Hillary Swank movie, has major significant scenes in the house (it was the "home" of the central character in the movie, played by Michael Ealy).

On His Mind ...

Up Mars! Down Eros!

Mom screened it

Charlton Heston was so compelling as Judah Ben-Hur that, having watched the movie for the first time on VHS at my mother's house during the late '80s, once and for all I stopped getting him confused with Burt Lancaster. The instant distinguishing between the two hunky actors had proved elusive to me since childhood. Sort of like Robert DeNiro versus Al Pacino for a different generation of moviegoers.

The house aged well

Here is the Heston house today, courtesy of Zillow. Charlton Heston died in 2008 and the house stayed in the family until it was sold in 2016 for $12.2 million.

Was for sale

The house they are looking at was built and later for sale back in 2015 for $12 million.

Baby from the 10 Commandments

I think that is his son that they used in the scene of Moses in the bassinet floating in the Nile River.

Location, location

I never knew that California had celebrity Hur-houses. I thought we had all of them here in Nevada.

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