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Fiery Fairlane: 1963

Fiery Fairlane: 1963

Dearborn, Michigan. "1963 Ford Fairlane two-door sedan." Color transparency from the Ford Motor Co. photographic archive. View full size.

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Mad Men

They never had a Casual Friday! Even the next to lowest priced car in Ford's lineup had a crisp, clean style that still looks good today compared to its black/white/grey counterparts. The Thunderbirds of 1958-60 inspired the "C" pillar that was used extensively in other cars beginning with the 1959 Galaxie. The Plain Jane model could be fitted with a powerful V-8, air-conditioning and other amenities as well. Even the inexpensive cars were nicely appointed inside!

One Rear View Mirror

I learned to drive on a 1963 Ford Falcon, and like this Fairlane it had only one rear view mirror - inside the car. I learned to turn my head and shoulder check before pulling out of a parking space or changing lanes. Even though my present car has three mirrors, I still do so. In 1964 the driver had to use hand signals for part of the road test for a licence.

Budget Wheel Covers

What strikes me as odd about this photo is that the car is equipped with what seem to be very basic hubcaps, rather than the more stylish and upscale-looking full wheel covers that one would expect to see in a publicity photo. Of course, maybe this was intended to illustrate a base model. Perhaps a Ford expert can enlighten us.

[You can't get much baser than a two-door post sedan. - Dave]

Reds Brothers

I imagine those two gentlemen as a variation on the Blues Brothers. The little smile, the admiring gazes; perhaps they are thinking how cool it would be to drive off in the red car and start up their polka band again, and go raiding Lawrence Welk and go out on tour. The Reds Brothers - On a Mission From HENRY!

Those in Glass Houses

This is the western end of the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, usually known as the Glass House. The light green glass alternating with dark green porcelain panels is distinctive.

Only new once

No matter how plain the auto, or when it was made, it really only looks brand new once.
You can go to a Concours d'Elegance or similar events and see fully restored, multi-million-dollar cars, but they just don't seem to exude the same "newness".

Rangoon Red

Also used on the new Mustang the next year.

When your briefcase has as much flair

as your Fairlane.

My bet: he's in sales

To me, this ad implies a fiery red Ford Fairlane is the car an executive would drive. I have trouble imagining that. A Fairlane doesn't have enough status.

Of the two execs -- I like the one on the left. He's got the plaid jacket, a tie with a splash of red, and tan socks with dark pants and shoes.

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