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House & Hose: 1942

House & Hose: 1942

May 1942. It's that crap-shooting gent from Grand Island, Nebraska, in the second of eight enigmatic, uncaptioned exposures credited to John Vachon. View full size.


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I am reminded, for example, of this couple in "Nighthawks."

Coincidence - June's Pearls

I just read the other day that Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver) wore pearls on the show to cover a hollow at the bottom of her throat that production people had a hard time with when filming. The article said the hollow caught the studio lights and was very pronounced. The pearls alleviated the problem. Learning this leads me to ask if Marge Simpson has the same problem, she wears pearls in every episode too.

Got milk?

I believe that the box at the right side of the door is a milk delivery box.

Headin' for the Rhubarb?

Hope our Dapper Dan doesn't forget to aim the nozzle towards that pie plant to give it a gentle shower. I'm salivating just thinking about rhubarb pie made from stalks collected from my back garden. Spring can't come soon enough for me, you wouldn't believe the Winter my region has undergone so far!...EEEEK

(49th Parallel @ the Canada–United States border: Manitoba, CA- North Dakota, USA)

Yardwork the old-fashioned way

This guy is better dressed than anyone I've seen in church in twenty years.

Formal lawncare

People sure used to get all dressed up to perform tasks that, nowadays, are considered mundane. Sort of like Mrs. Cleaver wearing pearls while doing housekeeping.

Slender Man

The name of Dave’s new category, above, along with John Vachon and Small Towns. Enigmatic, indeed! I am so intrigued to figure out what’s going on with this second in a series of eight poses (I do acknowledge he is sort of watering the lawn or a sapling), which means I hope we get to see the other six. I assume he’ll be as nattily attired in every one. So what will Slender Man do next? Pretend to garden? Peruse envelopes from the mailbox on some other porch? By the end, will he have taken off his jacket and placed it folded over a rail and loosened his tie and rolled up his sleeves? Probably not. He and John Vachon will continue to think up poses for this bizarre enterprise.

Asbestos Shingles

Used often in the 40's and 50's. We had them in the house I grew up in. Which could explain a lot.

My kind of yard work!

Though I would not dress quite so nattily for it. He even has a towel handy! Maybe he's waiting for the wife, to go out or her to get home.

Nebraska O'Neill

The Diceman Hoseth.

His Other Hose

He's wearing classy Argyle pattern socks that complement his jacket and slacks.

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