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Eleven-Up: 1907

Eleven-Up: 1907

Indianapolis circa 1907. "Knights of Pythias Building (Castle Hall)." Last glimpsed here, 10 years ago! 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Absolutely a gem of a design. Flawless lines from top to bottom, all in harmony.

The Rise and Fall of the Knights of Pythias building

Here's a pretty cool video of the rise and fall of the Knights of Pythias building put out by the Indianapolis Star a few years ago:

And the article:

Doug Floor Plan wondered where the building stood. It stood at the corner of Pennsylvania Street and Massachusetts Avenue. Those streets no longer meet, and the Regions Tower at 211 N. Pennsylvania occupies the site where the K of P building once stood.

Traffic is probably better off

The park on the left made me think I might be able to find where the very good looking Knights of Pythias building stood in 1907; but no such luck. In the previous post Mobilene stated the first blocks of several of the angled streets were closed and made into larger blocks for some of Indianapolis's modern skyscrapers. Below is an aerial of the circle around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument today. It went from an intersection of four streets + plus X, to an intersection of +. In three of the four corners you can see where the X streets still exist outside the perimeter of modern skyscrapers.

This one's for you

Given the DDS and his delighted damsel beaming from the window, and what marches impressively above their heads, this could be dedicated to every realtor who enumerates "dental molding" as a feature of architecture in MLS listings.

Painless Dentist

I say that because of the smile on the lady's face. Or maybe it was the laughing gas.

Dental Dot

I wasn't aware that Dentist. was the abbreviation for Dentist.

Leader of the plaque

you can tell she has a talent for causing things pain.

No castle for the Indianapolis castle

The Knights of Pythias originally called their local chapters "castles", and sometimes designated their buildings accordingly. (This fit the "Knights" part of their name but not so much the "Pythias" part.) The image shows Knights of Pythias castles in Toledo, Ohio, and Arcata, California.)

The Indianapolis building, of course and fortunately, was closely modeled on New York's Flatiron Building, five years older.


Ready for their close-up --

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