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Corner Time: 1910

Corner Time: 1910

Detroit circa 1910. "Ford sales office (Boulevard Building), Griswold and Congress streets." Headquarters of the Edward Ford Plate Glass Co. 8x10 inch glass negative. View full size.


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Couple of neat vehicles there. Nice sporty roadster on the right. The last in the group of 3 on the left has me scratching my head. It's got the shortest chassis I've ever seen. And it's kinda tall too.

The perspective correction of this pic is pretty strong. Makes my eyes pop.

Nice and vertical

That's as fine an example as I've ever seen of the effective use of a large format view camera with adjustable planes.

Baker Electric

Would the 1st car on the left side be a Baker Electric?

"Speed Buggy"

Speedster, Runabout, Torpedo-Roadster, Raceabout?
I admit defeat in my quest to positively identify the rakish automobile
parked at the curb, from my perspective it steals the scene entirely.
I'm looking forward to someone providing some information regarding
the vehicle Marque and Model, "with references to accurately corroborate".

In the meantime, my bet is on it being a 1909-10 Brush Runabout Model C or D.
"Everyman's Car", as per the Brush Runabout Company slogan. The company was located in Detroit at 111 Baltimore Avenue, it also occupied other premises during its tenure in the city. All you could ever want to know concerning this interesting company and its products is linked below.

Being right or wrong in my guess doesn't matter, I've had a very enjoyable couple of hours researching and reading about the car and its marvelous accomplishments. Thank you Shorpy.

Wide Angle

If you move your eyeball close to the picture, the perspective starts to look normal. As always in close work, it helps to be nearsighted.

Plenty of windows

to advertise their product.

You must be confused

The Ford Building is still going strong. This year, it will celebrate 114 years of saying, "Not that Ford, the other one".

There's been an accident ...

... it appears. Or perhaps a sudden illness. In any case, someone is in trouble and depending on the kindness of strangers.

[They're working on a track switch. - Dave]

I'm glad to know that nobody's hurt or ill.


I suppose we'll never know what happened.

[Digging a hole. - Dave]

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