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Sofa So Good: 1942

Sofa So Good: 1942

July 1942. "Ola, Idaho. FSA Ola self-help cooperative, adjacent timber stand, sawmill and farms. A member of the cooperative and his family at home. This man is a county commissioner." Photo by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


Full of vinegar

I love both of these sassy, beautiful daughters - so clearly full of life.

The sisters

The two sisters remind me of the sisters from "A League Of Their Own." Totally different personalities, but close in age.

Window Artwork

I love the scrub foothills scenery through the windows. It almost looks like paintings.

I Spy

a glass eye, owned by Dad.

The Other Daughter

The young lady on the right looks liable to slap that smile right off your face as to look at you. No wonder Dad looks careworn and weary; it's not the job, it's the daughters.

I wish I'd met Marilyn (the oldest daughter)

She operated a cat, helped to run the timber mill, marched for civil rights, pushed for equal pay for women within a huge federal agency, and wrote bodice-rippers (many still available for purchase on Amazon), and ultimately returned to Idaho to be close to her family.

Meet the Carlocks

If my research worked this is Charles Henry Carlock (1902-66), his wife Esther, and children Shirley, Pat and Marilyn . Commissioner from 1940-46, and owner of the sawmill in Ola, he died - ironically - as the result of a forest fire.

Marilyn 5 years previously (hey: if we can have a G-rated "Hoes before bros" we can have a SFW 'Beaver shot'!)

The Farmer's Daughter

That young lady on the left looks to be a real troublemaker.


The books on the shelf are interesting. I can't make out all the titles but at least two of them are "Common Legal Principles." I'd guess that he was a humble man who took his work as a county commissioner seriously.

The roughest thing in this photograph

Are dad's hands. Those hands have seen some seriously hard work. But he's married to a good-looking woman and has two remarkably lovely daughters. The view out his windows is so idealistic it looks like an old movie or TV backdrop. And he's a county commissioner (someone should be able to identify him). I hope he feels his hard work has been worth it.

I'd love to know the family dynamics of this group

The three adults on the left look related. I'd guess sister, brother, mom. And the unhappy looking woman at the end is perhaps the wife who is dealing with having to share quarters with her husband's family. Her little boy looks like he's a handful, too.

[Or do you mean on the right? This is the commissioner, his wife and their three kids. - Dave]

The Farm Security Administration

cooperative farms created in the late 1930s and early '40s under FDR's New Deal would surely be denounced today as "socialism" by many in Idaho, perhaps even by the descendants of this family.

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