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Uncle Beans: 1938

Uncle Beans: 1938

Summer 1938. "Newsboy in Newark, Ohio." View full size. 35mm negative by Ben Shahn. [Update: The always amazing Joe Manning has come through again, and managed to find out this boy's name -- Richard Wolverton. You can read about him on Joe's Web site.] Original post date 02-21-2008.


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Uncle Beans

This is Joe Manning. The link to my story of this boy, as noted below, has been changed. It is now:


I read every word of Mr Manning's interview. Very touching. Thank you so much for sharing.

Blown away... the sweet photos, the research & story behind the pictures, the interview...just blown away. I'm grinning like Uncle Beans.

It would have been my privilege to make Mr. Wolverton some delicious Texas pinto beans, using my grandmother's her trademark pinch of ginger.

Thank you, Joe Manning.

I read Uncle Beans' story, and feel honoured to have had the chance to get to know him even this much. The special, warm-hearted people of the world are sometimes too far between.


I know what little Richard wanted for Christmas. Maybe he sold them to add to his income selling papers?

When I was a kid (I'm now 35) the going rate was 20c for teeth, 50c for one of the four big back molars (cos they hurt like the devil falling out and coming through!) Except for the time I swallowed one drinking out of a hose, and the tooth fairy felt sorry for me and gave me $1.

Tooth Fairy?

I'd like to say that Joe Manning, you're very awesome, and thanks for all the information you give us.

And for you people saying your teeth are a quarter, one buck, five bucks, or even ten (whoa), well I'm 13 and my rate was $0 a pop, but I didn't expect anything anyways.I kinda think the whole tooth fairy thing is ridiculous, but I guess it's just me.

Newark Newsie: 1938

This is Joe Manning. I have completed my research on this boy. I interviewed his niece, and it's a very interesting story. You can see it at this link:

Uncle Beans

This is Joe Manning. I just identified this boy. He is Richard Wolverton, no longer living. I had the local paper publish the photo, and one of his nieces called and said, "I just got the paper, and I saw a picture on the front page of 'Uncle Beans.'" I'll let you know when I post some more information about him on my website.

Tooth Fairy

I'm 13 and have lost all of my baby teeth, but I used to get like $10 plus a present (a bracelet making kit or something of that sort) for every tooth I lost! I guess I was totally spoiled by my tooth fairy.

Going rate

My kids get a buck a tooth (though our Tooth Fairy, thoroughly inept, often forgets and has to pay an extra dollar interest the next night). I've heard that other kids get $5 a tooth. Admittedly, a buck won't buy them a bottle of soda.

My 2 front teeth

Teeth still going for a quarter apiece, plus a trip to ice cream parlor.

My Two Front Teeth

So what's the going rate for front teeth these days from the Tooth Fairy? When I was his age they brought a quarter apiece.

Looks Sad

He looks like he's wearing actual rags, poor kid. The quality of this photo is amazing. You can read the newspaper!

[The standout: "Woman Is Rescued From Blazing Bed" - Dave]

It's Newark!

I just found this website yesterday, and of all the places in the world, today's photo on the front page is from where I grew up and still live. It's neat to see!

[Just trying to make you feel welcome! - Dave]

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