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Krazy Kat Klub: 1921

Krazy Kat Klub: 1921

Washington. D.C. One of six National Photo glass negatives from 1921 labeled "Krazy Kat," showing a group of college-age kids painting and smoking in the yard of what seems to be a club or restaurant. Which has a treehouse. View full size.


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How to enlarge? take 2

Would like to enlarge this "Pretty much the same as the fifth"...

[See where it says "Click to enlarge"? Try doing that. - Dave]

Thanks Dave .. I guess I should have said "enlarge to original size" This one comes out very grainy . I have purchased three of the 5 Kats photos and am considering the last two. and would like to see this one on original size. These "kats" are great.

[It's 1100 pixels wide, same size as the others. It looks grainy because the emulsion is deteriorating. - Dave]

One more from the Krazy Kat, please

We've seen five of the six photos from the Krazy Kat. Do I have to beg for the sixth? Okay, I'm begging.

[Here it is. Pretty much the same as the fifth. Click to enlarge! - Dave]

Some Like it Hot

The one above the hottie looks just like Jack Lemmon in the above mentioned movie.

Krazy Kitten

The young lady in the middle is just absolutely smoking hot, I might add.


The thing that gets me about these Kit Kat Klub photos is that the young women in particular seem to be trying so hard to look so sophisticated, and I suppose like rebels. The short skirts, the rolled down stockings, and bobbed hair are all things that would have scandalized their parents. And of course the ladies smoke, but they're sophisticated so they have holders for their cigarettes. Fifty years later their equivalents would be going braless, wearing their hair straight, having casual sex, and smoking pot. And probably those of this group who were still alive would be tut-tutting about how they never did anything like this when they were this age.

Kool Kats

They look like they would be such fun people to hang out with. I wish I had something like this in my backyard!

A High-Level Establishment

Is this what you'd call a speakeasy? It'd be hard for them coppers to get up there.

Then again, considering the location, tea would be a wiser choice of beverage.

Mod kids

I would love to see the other five photos from this series. These kids are incredibly modern-looking, especially the gal on the right. She appears to be wearing a 1921!

[The flapper girls and their bohemian boyfriends will be back! - Dave]


Me too!!

Krazy Kat Klub

When I saw this photo, these song lyrics came into my head:

Five foot two, eyes of blue
But oh! what those five foot could do
Has anybody seen my girl?
Turned up nose, turned down hose
Flapper, yes sir, one of those
Has anybody seen my girl?

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