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All Wet: 1925

All Wet: 1925

August 22, 1925. Clarence Ross of the New York Athletic Club, winner of the first three-mile National Long Distance Swimming Race, on the Potomac River at the Key Bridge. View full size. National Photo Company Collection.


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Yup, wool

Wool was typically THE swimsuit material after it replaced "nothing" in the 1800s--and it's worth noting that when you get rid of the guard hairs, it's not that scratchy. The scratchy stuff you remember from childhood is where growers leave the guard hairs in there. It's still warm, and it'll shed water better, but it's scratchy...and cheaper. A poorly fitting wool suit would also, just like cheap suits today, show what's beneath well. People had to learn why "liners" were a good idea, then as now.

Second the "Wow!!"

Saw this photo on some other site...what a man!! Nice to see a naturally developed body instead of these "I spent three hours at the gym" guys of today.

I'll second!

Clarence is definitely a hottie, and he looks like fun!

I nominate . . .

. . . Clarence to be added to the "Handsome Rakes" group!


Wow! This guy is so handsome, he looks like my husband!

His swimsuit

...looks like it might have been made out of wool, as I believe many of them were back then. I cannot imagine anything more uncomfortable, but I guess wool was the only thing they had at the time that didn't go see-through when it got wet, or get too clingy. Though, from the looks of this photo...ahem...wool still had its own issues.

Not that I'm complaining.

Given a choice between this or a speedo, I'm torn.

Swimsuit Issues

What is his suit made out of? Its very ... er ... clingy, but not in a bad way.

Mr. Ross is very fit, indeed!

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