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American Idols: 1925

American Idols: 1925

May 25, 1925. "Winners and judges, Paramount Motion Picture School." Our third shot of these people. View full size. National Photo Company Collection.


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Everything about this photo is amazing.

And Then There Were None

"The murderer is ... in this room!"

These people scare me, singly and as a group. Thankfully, the day's shoot was not in color.

Rolled Stockings

Rolling your stockings down below the knee was a fad in the 20's. Just one more rebellious flapper fashion!


who is that beautiful girl in the middle, in the skirt. She could cause some major traffic accidents walking down the sidewalk today with that figure and long braided hair.

Thought Balloons

It just occurred to me what a mischievous person could do with this picture and some comic-style thought balloons. The guy standing next to last on our right seems to be thinking "stuff and nonsense!" And the old-maid chaperone? The possibilities are endless.

The injured and the trendy...

And the gentleman on the end who seems to have one arm in a sling...I'll bet she did that. Also, at the risk of sounding like a Seinfeld impersonator, "what is the deal with the turned down hose"? Let's just hope not everything comes back in style.

Second from right

I wonder what the grumpy man has in that package.


This looks like it could be the characters from the board game...BTW is that Howard Stern in drag (4th from right)?


It looks like Elinor Glyn. Maybe she is determining if any of the girls have "It".

I love

how the guy on the left is meditating his arm back to health!


....and her services may very well be needed given the look on the face of the guy in spectacles who has apparently wedged himself in between a couple of the contestants.

Most likely ...

She would certainly prevent the hanky panky in my house!


I guess the woman in the back is there to prevent any hanky panky.

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