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Life in Wartime: 1862

Life in Wartime: 1862

June 1862. Fair Oaks, Virginia. "Frame house on Fair Oaks battlefield used by Hooker's division as a hospital." Wet plate glass negative, right half of stereo pair. Photograph by James F. Gibson. View full size. Closeups of the windows.


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The Rifle

The rifle is most likely either and 1855 or 1861 Springfield Rifled Musket. Considering the date, I'd hazard a guess that it's more likely an 1855. Both models threw a .58 cal soft lead, conical ball, as did the British made Enfield Rifle that was imported by the Confederacy. The weapon's low muzzle velocity caused the ball to flatten out, which in turn caused horrible wounds.

The cannon...

is typical of the three banded rifle muskets carried during the war. The bayonet is fixed so it looks even longer (and since the sentry moved - it appears to have two blades)

The gun

What sort of cannon is the man in the door holding?
I've seen some huge buffalo rifles, but this one beats them all!

Time Travel

Amazing photographs. Truly amazing. As close as we may get to going back in time.

Life in Wartime

They look more like Haints! Send in the Ghostbusters!

Outpatient Clinic?

Under the tree.

Fair Oaks Faces

Life and Death

Maybe the guy in the window is looking out at the grave thankful he didn't end up there.

By the way, I love these older photographs from the war.


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