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Dinosaur: 1924

Dinosaur: 1924

September 25, 1924. "Professor Charles Gilmore of the Smithsonian Institution with dinosaur Diplodocus." View full size. National Photo Company Collection.


The face of scientific enthusiasm.

Washington Post, Sep 24, 1924

Tail of Dinosaur Causes Flurry at Smithsonian

Because of its unusual length, the tail of a dinosaur is causing a flurry of excitement among scientists at the Smithsonian institution. N.H. Boss, T.J. Horner and J.N. Barrett, assistant curators, are daily excavating fragments of the tail from solid rock, in the basement of the museum.

As section after section is fitted into place, Prof. Charles Gilmore, curator of vertebrate paleontology, grows more enthusiastic at its length. Visitors who viewed it declare it already measures 30 feet, and Prof. Gilmore believes it may total 40 feet.

The skeleton of Dinosaur Diplodochus to which the tail belongs, was believed to be 80 feet long. Now, however, the length of the tail leads scientists to believe the monster was much longer. If so, the creature will be the greatest specimen of its kind ever exhibited.

Hello, my name is Boris Karloff...

... and I am here to introduce you to... Extinction!

Dinosaur Undertaker...

That's what he looks like to me! Either that or he's unhappy that someone ate all the meat off his barbecue!

Herman? Francis?

This man looks way too much like Fred Gwynne, but without the welcoming grin. He'd fit right in at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

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