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Little Cowgirl and Cowboy

Little Cowgirl and Cowboy

Cleveland, 1941. My brother and I. Taken by a roving photographer with a pony.

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That roving photographer

That roving photographer really got around, and that pony was a Methuselah. They were both in Macon, Ga., in 1960, for my cousins' portraits!

Grammar ... picky picky

Did you read all the comments? You weren't wrong, you were right.

Picky, picky, picky.....

I stand (or sit, actually) corrected! When I posted the picture I was more concerned about getting it on the site than whether or not my grammar was correct. So, thank you for pointing out my outrageous error...will try not to do it again. May I get out of the corner now?

Yes, that is me with my brother. The photographer must have caught us on a good day. We were not always so angelic - just typical brother and sister. Thank you for the kind comments.

My brother and I

For a photo caption "My brother and me" would certainly be acceptable but "My brother and I" is what's grammatically correct. Without a verb, as in the caption, "My brother and I" is correct because it's nominative, i.e. the subject. Short for "My brother and I are the people in this picture, or "This is my brother and I."


"My brother and I." It should be "my brother and me." You wouldn't say "This is a picture of I," would you?

Love the blog.

so cute

Are you sure that's really you and not a pair of cleverly arranged mannequins? Those kids are almost too angelic to be real. ;-)

Roving with Pony..

My brother, sister and I all have had our picture taken with the pony ... looks much like this one ... they are priceless. my brother, oldest one is 69. thanks for the picture ... brought back many memories

Linda in Michigan

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