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Iced Tee: 1926

Iced Tee: 1926

July 9, 1926. "Golf and bathing suits." For the first day of summer, we revisit the lovely ladies seen here a few days ago strumming ukuleles. Now they're on the links with an early air-conditioned golf cart. View full size. National Photo Co.


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Nice gams!

Especially on the girl on the right. Also, isn't she wearing a particularly high heel for the time?

No Tattoos is cool

These ladies are awesome. I'd open the door for them anytime. Would have, anyway.

Tats and piercings are feral and always will be. However, I've always felt greatful when I see tats or piercings because that's a neon sign flashing "stay well away", which otherwise might not be immediately visible, and cause a single guy to waste precious time. Self branding yourself with "stupid" on your forehead couldn't be clearer. Birds of a feather.

The other angle is that when, these days, you come across a woman without tats and piercings then she is pure gold and even more worth treating as such.

Are they sitting on ice blocks?


C'mon... there's nothing wrong with tattoos or piercings. They (can) enhance one's individuality, rather than steal one's humanity. Silicone seems a little extreme, I'll admit. But tattoos and piercings have been around since long before these girls' great, great, great, etc. grandparents were even conceived. It's human nature to adorn one's body, for whatever reason. And, if you think about it, cosmetic surgery is just the latest, most technological version of said adornment. If cave women could've enhanced their breasts, I bet they would've.



And no dentists, either, apparently.

Ice Age

They were still trying that stunt into the 1970s, look at this remembrance page of a small local theme park in San Jose, CA of these beauties on ice:


No piercings, either.


Though that looks like it might hurt.
I am in love with the middle girl's shoes!
Where can a dame get a pair of those today?


No tattoos! No silicone! Real girls! Thanks!

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