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Hollywood & Vine: 1963

Hollywood & Vine: 1963

August 1963. Here I am at world famous Hollywood & Vine, or in this case, Don't Walk & Vine. Hint: I'm not the one in the green skirt and heels. View full size.

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Approximately the same view in 2014.

L.A. Woman

A nice Asian girl but maybe a little old for you. She looks so much like my mother. Who was quite a hottie back in the day!

Girl in the Green Skirt

I mentioned the girl in the green skirt down in the comments below somewhere. But I forgot to you recall noticing her after all these years? We're about the same age, and I'll admit to having not just a few standout moments where a fine-looking female captured my full attention at a particular moment, and inexplicably every so often pops into a pleasant daydream of days gone by. You do have the advantage of an actual photo to stimulate the memory. But I have the advantage of going on pure memory which can be altered to great effect over the years. Like they say, the older I get, the better I used to be.

Fellow Dork

I had the twin of that shirt in 1963! When I first saw the photo I thought "Hey, did somebody snap my picture one day while I was standing at Hollywood and Vine?" Then I realized that, no, the guy in the photo is way too beefy and well-muscled to have been me. Thanks for the reminder of how scrawny I was at 18!

(Or maybe I was there when the photo was taken, but I'm hidden behind one of the poles?)


I really enjoy navigating these photos. It reminds me of happier times. The "Dork" photo made my day! Keep up the great posts, tterrace!!

What a great sport!

You rock, tterrace.

Not only have we enjoyed your photos, on Shorpy and elsewhere, but now we can enjoy what those scamps over at Fark can do TO your pictures!

Oh, and according to the homepage, it looks like the Fark gang are tackling these boaters.

My Favorite Fark

The flashing "Dork" sign.

Photoshop & Vine

The ultimate accolade. Your photo has been Farked.

Kiss my Coffee

Not to jump into the coffee fray, but seriously:

If a specific coffee has to be handled with kid gloves, kissed, massaged, and lastly, blessed by the Pope in order to be palatable, it ain't good coffee.

Waring Blendor

I was aware that Fred Waring was involved with the Waring Blendor, not as the inventor but as the principal investor and the manufacturer. I have to wonder if he made more money out of the Blendor than he did from the music business.

Me too

Just to bring this full circle, I, the Hollywood & Vine striped shirt person, remember watching Fred Waring on TV in the early 1950s, too. I also recall being astonished to find out that he was the Waring of the Waring Blendor.

Told ya!

Remember how I said my parents were fans of Fred Waring? Well, "Pastor Tom" is my dad! I had no idea he'd met Fred Waring on two different occasions ... to think I learned of that on Shorpy!

Oh, and to Mr. Misiak, thanks for the heads-up on the Waring sites. It must have been a blast to so fun to tour with Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians! (Just read your bio on, and you've had a fascinating career so far!)

Shorpy rocks. When does Shorpy get a star on Hollywood & Vine?

Fred Waring

I remember Mr. Waring clearly. I shook his hand (after going through his band "bodyguards") at a concert in Concord, New Hampshire. I last spoke with him as my father and I came off the ninth hole at his golf course at Shawnee on the Delaware. He had a table set up with a single rose in a vase. He was cheerful, and happy to watch the golfers putting out. He died not long after that.

Fred Waring was a class act, from what I could perceive looking in from the outside. He brought us beauty and pride in our country. May his tribe increase, and his memory persist.

Pastor Tom Fowler

Don't Walk indeed

Great pic. I love seeing the old traffic equipment in these photos. In this case the star (aside from the author of course) is the Econolite exposed tube neon pedestrian signal. Installed from the mid fifties to the late sixties, they stayed in service in many parts of California until just recently.

Comments by JM Berry re. FB coffee

You have no clue as to what you are saying. The best coffees in the world can taste like crap if the brewing cycle/temp/water quality, etc. are not correct. To make a statement such as yours just shows your lack of knowledge about coffee, period.

[Sounds like it might be time for someone to switch to decaf. - Dave]

That girl in the green skirt

That girl in the green skirt has a striking profile resemblance to Jennifer Tilly, one of my favorite character actresses. At least, I trust it's her acting skills that provide the character part. Otherwise, I'm keeping my distance.

Fred Waring

Glad to see that there are still people out there that remember Fred Waring. I was a member of the Pennsylvanians in the 1970s, and spent many wonderful years in the Poconos, specifically at FW's headquarters in Delaware Water Gap, Penn., and at his Shawnee-on-Delaware, Penn., home.

By the way--Fred is one of only a handful of performers to have 3 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is recognized for his work in radio, television and recordings, and one of his stars is right on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, right next to the special star placed there for the Apollo 11 astronauts.

If your parents have Internet access, they might want to visit the Fred Waring's America web site. The special collection of all things Waring is housed at Penn State University. Just type in "Fred Waring's America" on Yahoo! or Google and take it from there. The site has CDs for sale of many of the classic Waring recordings.

Pete Misiak

Farmer Brothers Coffee

My neighbor across the street drives a Farmer Brothers Coffee truck. Wonder if it's still bad, or if he thinks so?

Blistered tourist?

I wonder if the grandmotherly-type lady in the stripes has worn a blister onto her heel with a Hollywood walking tour. It appears that she may be protecting her skin with a Band-Aid where her shoe was rubbing.

Oh, and are you by Fred Waring's star? (My parents loved him...they vacation near his Pennsylvania home each fall.)

Comments by JM Berry

"In the 70's - 90's when I was in the coffee business, Farmer Brothers stood for the cheapest crappiest coffee one could buy and always competed for the business on lowest price, regardless. I had always wondered if there was a time when it was good. Maybe 1963 was it?"

Excuse me, but who did you work for and please state why you are such an expert on coffee?

[I would imagine that being in the coffee business and having drunk a lot of awful Farmer Bros. coffee qualifies J.M. as an authority on the subject. And yes, Farmer Brothers coffee is bad. Really bad. - Dave]

Period kind of look photos

This was shot with the Kodak Retinette 1A that I got in late 1962. The slide film was something Montgomery Ward marketed under their brand name. Not sure who actually manufactured it, but either due to its inherent characteristics or the Ward processing service, most of it has acquired a drab yellowish tint that's been corrected out here. Unless it was Kodachome, most vintage color film is going to present problems today. Kodacolor negatives pre-1953 have faded to uselessness, and the prints yellow. Ektachrome only got stable around 1962. You ought to see what my Hudson shot really looks like, or me hanging from the tree. All purple. I can generally correct most of it out, and then the skilled technicians at Shorpy Labs apply their expertise to the final product.


On the bill at the theater across the street are "Auntie Mame" with Rosalind Russell (the good version) and "The Day They Robbed The Bank Of England" starring Peter O'Toole and Elizabeth Sellars (and Aldo Ray, although his name isn't on the marquee). "Auntie Mame" came out in December 1958 and "The Day They Robbed The Bank Of England" in September 1960, so that is definitely not one of the higher end theaters in Hollywood.

Most Excellent!

Thanks for posting. I wish I could jump right in that photo and live out the rest of my life! Cheers.

Green Skirt and Heels

Well it's too bad you're not the one in the green skirt and heels - how incredibly chic she looks - especially with the contrast of the old ladies on the right. Nonetheless, you're still a looker!


I noticed the Farmers Brothers logo on the wagon. In the 70's - 90's when I was in the coffee business, Farmer Brothers stood for the cheapest crappiest coffee one could buy and always competed for the business on lowest price, regardless. I had always wondered if there was a time when it was good. Maybe 1963 was it?

Please, Sir, can I have some more?

When I was in L.A. in the early 90's it didn't look as pretty as this. Awesome 1959 Ford station wagon driving with the back window open (you'd get a ticket for that today). The lady with the matching shoes & handbag has got great style, you should've gotten her number. What type of camera and film were used for this great shot? As I've been trying to get this exact 'period' kind-of look...

Auntie Mame

Is that Auntie Mame at the theater across the street ?

For more recent photos...

... check out the Member Blog. I notice the stuff there doesn't get as high a hit count, so maybe some people are overlooking it. Been a bunch of great color slides posted recently.

More recent photos

Yes, I would also like to see more photos from the '50s & '60s.
I like the old stuff but it's nice to revisit scenes of our youth too.


These are wonderful. Please post more!

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