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The Oracle Next Door: 1920

The Oracle Next Door: 1920

Denishawn dance company founder Ruth St. Denis and husband Ted Shawn with a smattering of vestal virgins circa 1920. View full size. G.G. Bain Collection.


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Where's Groucho when you need him?

Please forgive me, but this picture gives me an almost uncontrollable urge to start throwing cream pies.

Gotta be Brooksie

The third girl standing from the left is definitely Brooksie, based on close examination after blowing it up and comparison to other photos. Hadn't seen this one before, so thanks for the post.

[Plus we have Martha Graham down in front. - Dave]

TM 1.0

It looks like an early transcendental meditation class.

Pucker Baby, Pucker

Another example of the horrid and goofy baby-lips lipstick application of the period on at least 3 of the girls. And I think Mr. Shawn's makeup inspired the entire '80s New Wave look.


Yes, Louise Brooks was a member of Denishawn. I don't recall the exact years she was a member. That may or may not be her with the bob haircut in the center of the picture.

Is that Martha Graham in the front? She would have been in the company during this time.


Louise Brooks was with the Denishawn company for two years between 1922 and 1924. The girl standing in the center bears a resemblance to Brooksie.


Wasn't Louise Brooks, the silent movie actress, a member of the Denishawn dance company?

Gender Confusion

I just don't know anymore. Are these all guys too?

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