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Scooby-Doo: 1967

Scooby-Doo: 1967

All five kids plus Tippy the wonder dog in Rochester, Indiana. Kodachrome slide. View full size.

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Into the light

Remember the good ol' days when we had to face the sun while having our pictures taken. I have several photos of me and my brothers, squinty eyes and all.

The delworthio crowd

Taking nothing away from the obvious charms of your sisters, my thought was actually that yours looked like a fun bunch in general to live next door to. I probably would have kidnapped Tippy, though.

Neighbors? Sure! Hey, Hold On!

Just bring your record collection and camera.

Waaaait a minute. It took me awhile, tterrace, but I think I know what this is all about. You have eyes for my sister, don't you?


Can I go back in time and move next door to you guys?

That Belt Thingamabob

What's that belt ornament on the far left? Looks like a 30-06 cartridge or shell or ? Pretty impressive. NOBODY's gonna mess with this family!

Love the color

I love all the pictures on this site. The Kodachrome pictures bring back memories ... especially this one with the Forsythia bush. My Mom had lots of them in the yard.

60s and 70s photos

At first I was a bit surprised to see photos from the 60s and 70s but I think they're pretty cool. I guess it depends on what you think of as old. I was born in '68 so the early 70s photos are like fragments from my earliest memories. I appreciate seeing a time that I sort of remember. I still do love the 20s through 40s but I have really enjoyed seeing these 60s and 70s family photos. Now I'm not too sure how I'd feel about seeing "nostalgic" photos from the 80s and early 90s...


That's such a great picture~ Even the dog is in on the joke and has a big smile!! LOVE IT!!

Seems like just yesterday

I'm becoming quite fond of these children- I would have been 5 when this photo was taken and the outfits look familiar to the ones seen when I was growing up.

My mother commented that when raising kids back then, their clothes were clean but if they were "play clothes," fashion wasn't the priority.

I like the dainty watches on the girls- with their hairstyles and the eyeglasses, I feel they look like they will zoom from girls to responsible moms without any stops in between. I bet they were busy watching those little brothers.

More pictures of the family, please. I'd love to know more about them- much as we all got the opportunity to meet the young military couple and their baby boy.

From my 10 year old

"What's the difference between broccoli and a booger? Kids won't eat broccoli!"

I love the mix of the colored and older pictures. This site is one of my daily musts!

A third vote for color

Because the past WAS in color, even when the photographs aren't.

Great Mix

You have a great mix of color and B/W photos on this site. Don't change a thing!

Fan of "coloured photos"

I totally disagree. I have been enjoying these family Kodachromes; I believe there's a place here for both black & white and color. In fact, it was a link to the Kodachrome-Pie Town series by Russell Lee that got me hooked on Shorpy. Line and sinker were quick to follow.


I like color shots

A lot of us grew up with Kodachrome and those brilliant, very-saturated images are very nostalgic.

Wonderful shot

The boy with the finger dangerously close to nose-picking territory makes it an excellent, unposed shot where everyone is clearly having a great time.

Scooby Doo

I see that the two youngest kids, even the baby still in diapers, are packing heat. It is what "dates" the photo since today it is difficult to find toy guns for boys, even though my kids had dozens, and not one out of four grew up to be outlaws. I bet none of these kids did, either. All the kids in my day had them, none became criminals or murderers. Who remembers WHEN and WHY it became forbidden to sell toy guns?

["Forbidden"? Guns are still big sellers at toy stores. - Dave]

Coloured photos

Coloured photos are really awful and they spoil this site.

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