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tterrace Then and Now

tterrace Then and Now

1955 and 2002 (OK, so it's not quite "now"). A gag shot my brother and I arranged with an empty beer can found nearby, and a reenactment shot by my sister 47 years later. The building is the shell of the c. 1894 Limerick Inn in Larkspur, California. View full size.

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The end?

Well, the "now" pic was taken seven years ago, and so far all indications point to my still being alive.


Actually well done. Shows the beggining of life and the end of life. As we gaze upon the eternal steps of life, we see the end, not in the distance, but as real.

[The "end," huh? You must be a riot at cocktail parties. - Dave]


Since I don't possess Fredric Falcon's colorizing skills, I decided to attack the problem from the other end and Lewis Hine-ize the Kodachrome panel of my then-and-now submission.

1955, Larkspur, California. Looked 8 or 9 years old. Found loitering outside abandoned speakeasy, said it wasn't his first time. Said he was called "T. Terrace," probably not his real name. When asked how he got can of beer said, "I found it."

This really is a brilliant

This really is a brilliant photo. I wish as a kid I had an interest in photography; I would have loved to do something like this.

A suggestion

Nice! You really should submit these photos to this site:

The amount of talent on Shorpy is CRAZY!

Your brother's original picture, your sister's reenactment, Dave's overlay & Google map insert, and Goober Pea's limerick MADE MY DAY!

I doff my cap to the collective Shorpy crowd!


Tterrace is my new hero!

Jump the Shark?

I've been a lurker for a few weeks now, and I am consumed by this site. You bring class back to the i-net. I've been going through the archives, but I've been satisfied with all the comments, so didn't see a need to comment myself. I grew up in the 50's & 60's, and I love those pics, but I'm fascinated by the ones from earlier in the 20th century, too. But "jumped the shark"? I don't think that can happen on this site, by its very nature. I too love the then-and-now comparisons, and I enjoy seeing things in these photos that were in my life, but lost, 50+ years ago.

Zoreo said the most profound thing I've seen in a long time. It should be up in your masthead every day: Photography is the closest thing we have to time travel.

Yeah right....

"SHORPY has "jumped the shark" with this entry"

I guess we can all now stop visiting Shorpy for all these varied examples of photography now...glad you cleared that up....

I think Shorpy is a lot more popular each day. There are no sharks to jump, this is photography not television.

Call me a Grouch!

SHORPY has "jumped the shark" with this entry. OY VEY!

From Hungary

Fantastic! I love your pictures! This is breathtaking!

Time travel

I especially enjoy seeing photos taken of exactly the same spot many years apart. Years ago my hometown newspaper ran a weekly series where every Sunday they had a old photo of some place in town next to a current photo of the same place. It was interesting to see what had changed and what hadn't. Photography is the closest thing we have to time travel.

Love the photo...

but the phrase, "Next stop, Willoughby" really brought back some great Twilight Zone memories!!! Thanks Tterrace for the great photos and thanks 'Rod Serling' for the flashback!! I love this site - the pictures and the comments! Thanks everyone.

Limerick Inn Today

The place is obscured by trees in the 2011 Google street view below; Magnolia Ave. near intersection with Ridgecrest. It's on the property of the old Escalle vineyards and winery, which date back to the 1880s. Since then ownership has changed only once, and it's been in the hands of the current family since 1940. Luckily, there's quite a bit of Larkspur that still looks remarkably like the town I grew up in, but this particular area is unique in having survived well over a hundred years almost literally unchanged. Just across the street, though, is the entrance to a big condo development from the 90s on what was open wetlands in my day.

My brother and I liked to walk all over town and in the hills above, with our dog and our cameras. A year later, after I got my own camera, I took a similar picture of him in the same spot, beer can and all.

Fabulous job on the overlay, Dave. It was driving me nuts.

47 Years Later

You still have a fantastic sense of humor ---and it's still time for Pabst. Things really don't change, do they?

tterrace, Together Again

Here you are superimposed. After futzing around a bit I got the 1955 and 2002 mortar joints to line up almost exactly.

Limerick Inn limerick

There was a young boy named tterrace
Who held a beer can aloft in the same place
‘Oer fifty years apart
He’s still making art
With a similar look on the same face.

Goober Pea

Limerick Inn

I see someone painted the bricks red. Not that it did much good. Fascinating photo.

Too Cool!

What a fun thing it is to see you in both photos. Go ahead and tell us what that little boy was doing there back in '55.


Remarkable that a building that was obviously quite vacant in 1955 is still standing. And apparently still vacant. Aren't there any voracious real estate speculators in Larkspur?

Time Lapse Photography

That's pretty cool! I don't think it's too often that you get to take your picture with a building that appears to be a ruin, then come back to the same ruin 47 years later and do it again. Why has this building survived in this state of disrepair for so long?

You've Only Grown Taller

I love these pictures you are posting, tterrace. Keep 'em coming!

Then and now

This is absolutely brilliant. Well done!

Next Stop, Willoughby

You can go home again. Thanks so much.

I quite like all your amazing photo-facts and find them fascinating documents of a time, often lost times. I also enjoy watching old 8mm family films of other people/families.

And it's more than just the nosy voyeur in me, although I'm sure that's part of it. It's the marvel of that shared experience between generations.

I find it curious that those persons who obviously can't appreciate the interconnectedness between themselves and your selves, regardless of not knowing you or your family other than through these images, still feel the need to whine about how they're not being served to their delight.

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