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Slippery When Wet: 1921

Slippery When Wet: 1921

Another view of that 1921 car wreck at the intersection of 10th and R streets N.W. in Washington, D.C. National Photo Company glass negative. View full size.


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Church Sign

Yup, not enough to go on there. Thanks for trying!

Top Of The Pole?

Look at what would have been the top of the toppled pole. What is that cylindrical thing? Looks like a modern day surveillance camera. Was it a light fixture? Light? Traffic Light? Other?

[What it is is bent. In its unbroken state, the gas streetlamp would look like this. - Dave]

Church Sign

It looks like there's a sign on the side of the church behind the group of guys, but I can't make it out. Can you make it bigger, Dave?

U Street, My Car

From the wreckage of the lamppost strewn about I'd say the corner was either 10th and U Street NW or 1st and U St NW

The 10th Street intersection is just a couple blocks from the present day location of the U Street/Cordozo Green Line Metro Station. This was a very sketchy part of town in the early 80's - my Jeep CJ-5 was "partially stolen" near here in the last summer of the Carter administration. By partially stolen I mean someone hot-wired it and drove a couple of blocks away before abandoning it - either because it smelled so bad, or because it was such a heap of junk.

The 1st and U location is more probable because it looks more residential from Google Earth's perspective and in the photo. The building behind the wreck appears to be a church, lodge, or some other public building - closely resembling a couple buildings near that intersection today.

I agree with Dave that the cigar-chomper is the driver - his eyes have that "adrenaline rush" look to them in both photos.

[The sign says 10th Street. - Dave]

Yes, I see that now - looked like a "U" to these aging eyes. Still - some guy tried to steal my stinky car! Goob

10th SE

I'd say 10th Street SE.

Waffle House area

Well, the damaged street sign reads "10 ST" and if I could make out the sign on the building, I might have a better idea. I'm guessing NW and around Ford's Theatre (poss. where the FBI is now?).

[The building is a church. This could be 10th Street NW, NE, SE or SW. - Dave]

Corner of 10th and ?????

Reading the crown of the street sign (to the left of the tree), it appears to be the intersection of
"10 ST" and _______?

The large building behind the car appears to be a church - note the arched shape of the windows and external buttressing.


It looks like the driver is sort of smiling. He tore that car up! Imagine all this in age before seat belts and air bags!

[The two men in coveralls, including the guy in the car, would be from the wrecking garage. My candidate for the driver is the guy with the cigar. - Dave]

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