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F Battery: 1918

F Battery: 1918

"Lithnan & Latham, F Baltcry. 12 Peduri [?]" is the Library of Congress's uncertain transcription of the handwriting on this circa WWI negative. Which seems to say "F Battery," not Baltcry. "Lithnan" and "12 Peduri" are also iffy. Who can help us sort it out? National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

Bear and Lady

A performing bear (see the chain?) is being led by his itinerant showman-master (see the pack?) past a young woman who has tried to climb a stile or fence in fright, and in the process has her skirt caught, exposing what shouldn't be exposed.

Somewhere there is undoubtedly a caption with a double-entendre in it.

Knew What They Liked

They might not have known much about art, but they didn't seem to be too single-minded. A variety of subjects, not just the cheesecake one might expect. But the one on the left with the bear is certainly the strangest/kinkiest.

War Camp Canteen

Reminds me a little of this one. Except there's no drooling. Or maybe this one, with the pool table and Victrola.

More Baseball Cards

This photo: [Entitled "Young man in dormitory room"] from the same collection has similar material hanging on the wall. Could it be the same barracks?

[This looks like a dorm room at a military school or service academy. And strikes me as more boudoir than barracks. There are tens of thousands of negatives in the National Photo collection. Two pictures with baseball cards doesn't mean they were taken at the same place. It's a neat photo regardless. - Dave]

Arlie Latham

The numerous baseball mementos suggest the possibility of an alternate Latham: Arlie Latham, a famed baseball player, served as umpire to Army-Navy baseball matches in the 1910s.

Incidentally, I can see the "12 Pictures" but not so sure about "Lithnan" as first name. How about "Littrinan"?

With my little eye I spy

Here's what I think about this photo:

This is the barracks day room of Battery F or an unknown horse-drawn Field Artillery Regiment. I think this is prior to 1918.

The soldier in uniform has a belt buckle that looks like a snaffle bit and his hat is creased in a manner discontinued in 1911 when the Army adopted the Montana Peak look. The leggings look pre-WWI. See the illustration of 1906 uniform at

Also in this illustration is an example of the the cap seen above the alarm clock.

The large drawing on the wall is for a field gun...75mm? To the left of the drawing is a tanatlizing order or memo, with signatures, and most likely a headquarters designation. Any chance of a closer look at these two, Dave?

Among the picture collection is a photo of a mounted unit in the field.

Gas light fixture above the pool table has been refitted for electricity.

The girlie photos all have a gay-90s look, not at all WW1 era. The picture at the top has an imprint top left...photographer? If the baseball cards are all from the 1910-11 timeframe then I think I am on the right track.

12 Peduri

Looks like "12 Picture(s)"? LOVE this site simply outstanding.

Baseball cards

They all look like tobacco cards. The top right card is of Jean Dubuc, from 1914. Others are from 1909-11.

Baseball cards

Never mind the cheesecake...look at all those baseball cards! Wish I had them on my wall.


About the poster on the lower left side of the bulletin board, on closer examination it appears that a bear has the lady stump trained and is lifting up her dress.


I love close-ups. We have (from left to right):

- the time (9:25 - presumably in the morning)
- baseball cards
- WWI photos
- presumably family photos
- a group photo (likely the company from WWI)
- more baseball cards
- photos of various buildings
- and yes, more baseball cards

Could it be

Barracks Art

I'd be interested in getting a better look at the pictures on the wall behind these guys. The one at top center looks like a woman with some exposed decolletage. Nothing too racy today, but basically the same subject matter that you would still see in a barracks today.

[Click the image to enlarge, then click a second time to expand. - Dave]

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