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Happy Birthday to Me: 1955

Happy Birthday to Me: 1955

August 15, 1955. My ninth birthday. In answer to my request, we had turkey with all the trimmings. I'm pretending to carve. The camera this was taken with was probably a birthday present, thereby starting me on my road to photographic immortality. Poetic justice that the shot's out of focus. Gobble gobble.

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Your mom REALLY loved you!

Why? Because she cooked a turkey in AUGUST! Remember the summer heat in pre-a/c days?

I want to know if you got a Davy Crockett coonskin cap. Maybe something from Howdy Doody? Roy Rogers? How about lots of space toys. WHAT did you get???

Poster Boys

Oh, I still don't really know how this site works. I thought you posted all the photos and they were all of you. Sorry.

[Look up where it says "submitted by" above the pictures. That's how you can tell. - Dave]

"She's-a-her birthday, too!"

Dave, looking at your photos makes me wish I had lived your life! This is a great photo. And those drapes!~

[Dave did not post this photo. That's not me. Thank tterrace. - Dave]

Because We're Kids

I missed out on "Dr. T" when it came out; indeed, I never even heard of it until it started showing up on TV in the 80s, when I taped it. Then I got the laserdisc. That's all I have now since I'm too cheap to pop for the new super-duper DVD transfer because it's in a Stanley Kramer collection with other films I don't want. (Hmm.. should have asked for that for my birthday.) Back in the day, my brother was taking me to things like "Rear Window."

About the cranberry sauce: note that it's the jelly version, as per my specifications. The other kind, y'know, the one that's all lumpy - well, it's got bits and junk in it. The bowl on the right has olives, the black kind, not the yucky green ones. I asked for those, too.

[The DVD is on Amazon for $11.99. I have it and the transfer is first-rate. Re the Kramer Collection -- I don't have it but "The Member of the Wedding" was a really great movie. And short story. - Dave]

Happy B-Day to TT!

The official Terwilliker School 5,000-finger salute to tterrace!

["The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T" is a great movie! Did TT see "T" when it came out in 1953? - Dave]

Better Late Than Never

I always seem to miss the birthdays, but this present is worth the wait. Here ya go TT, after all, what's Hubley Atomic Disintegrator without your trusty Spacenik Space Helmet for protection? Wiggly antennae included!



Help with the Menu

Is that cranberry sauce in the dish in the foreground? Awesome.

Gee whillikers!!!

This was the best birthday a kid ever had! Thanks, everybody! I used the Atomic Disintegrator on my sister's boyfriend, and it worked! I never saw him again! My sister says it was because of the way I kept kicking him in the shins, but she can't fool me.

Apotheosis Jr.

Who is now the top Google hit for "Apotheosis of Seventies Hotness"? Mr. tterrace himself! Clapclapclap.

Hang in There Kid

In a mere 20 years you will be the apotheosis of Seventies Hotness!

Good trees bear good fruit

Happy Birthday and many, many more tterrace. It is apparent that you were raised by a very nurturing and responsible mom and dad, as it is no small task to prep a full-scale turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a homemade birthday cake as well. Your parents love has created a wonderful human being with talent, decency, a good sense of humor, a hard worker and a person who is happy to SHARE with everybody, strangers included. Thank you for the pleasure of giving all of us glimpses of our old memories in photographs, thanks for all you do and for being YOU. Have a joy-filled and fulfilling year and be proud of yourself and your fine family. We appreciate you.

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday TT!

Since this picture (and many of your others) remind me so much of the kid from the movie The Sandlot, you know - the one with the glasses - I hope you get a "magic moment" smooch from the hot lifeguardette at the pool!

Happy B-Day!

I love that your mom made you a full-on T-giving dinner AND a cake on your b-day. Now that's love! Happy birthday, thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

We could personalize 'em!

Match everybody up to the 'toon we think they look like! Yeah! That's the ticket!

Hey Kids!

I have a great idea! Funny paper party hats! And by that I mean party hats made from the funny papers! (Why are you all looking at me that way? It'll be superfun. Really!)

Happy Birthday to Yoooo

Hey gang -- it's tterrace's birthday! Or yesterday was tterrace's birthday! Everyone wish him a happy ninth. You can pile your gifts on the dining room table. I got TT a Hubley Atomic Disintegrator. Promise you won't try it out on the cat. (The "Sister" setting, btw, is 500.)

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