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The Pig and I, Cont'd.

The Pig and I, Cont'd.

December 1, 1925. Miss Lois Hoover and pig out for a stroll in Washington. With a chauffeur to do the heavy lifting. View full size. National Photo Company.


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Where is Lois?

The 1920 Census lists Lois Hoover living with her family at 1337 Vermont Avenue, NW. This is quite near to Thomas, Scott and Logan Circles. All these circles have large statues in the center, which although may be somewhat obscured, do not seem visible in this photo. Also, the presence of the chauffeur, if that is indeed his function, suggests a locale that is perhaps further than walking distance. Other nearby public park locations include Dupont Circle, Franklin Park, Farragut Square, McPherson Square and Lafayette Square.

Lois E. was the eldest daughter of Louis E. and Elizabeth Hoover. Her younger siblings (as of 1920) included Mildred and Louis E. Jr.

Mucho Benches

All the benches make me think this was a public space.

[It was called a "park." - Dave]

Nightmare on L Street

I set this as my wallpaper bc I found it adorable. Then I did happen to notice that the lady has kind of large feet. Now I am sort of freaked out by her really large hands. The rest of her looks normal, and I adore her coat and hat. Also, that building in the back for sure is the haunt of some sort of evil spirit. And the trees! And the "chauffeur"! What is going on here?! I'm afraid. This picture could spawn an excellent novel.

Swine Not?

That is the title of Jimmy Buffett's novel about a family that tries to convince everyone that their pet pig is really a dog. Haven't read the book yet but this would make a great illustration!


The house would make a good cover for a mystery novel.


What a great photo! Just ordered a print of this for my friend who is the manager of "Piggy Paradise" at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary here in Utah. Is there any further information about Miss Hoover, the house behind her, etc.?

If I didn't have to work for a living I'd probably spend my entire day on Shorpy. You rock, Dave.

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