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The Quick Brown Fox: 1935

The Quick Brown Fox: 1935

Silver Spring, Maryland. Typing class at Montgomery Blair High School in 1935. 5x7 safety negative, National Photo Company Collection. View full size.


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Qwerty again

From the look of that typing chart, I guess they just used the lowercase "ell" (l) in place a the numeral one (1), and an exclamation point was "apostrophe, backspace, period"... But I'm sure they still typed faster than I do!

[Note that there are diagrams for two keyboard layouts -- Royal and Woodstock. - Dave]

The gorgeous girl

I want her sweater! She reminds me of Ashley Judd.

1970s memory

My typing clasroom c 1972 had a series of ugly posters of commonly misspelled word with cartoon monsters and the motto "banish these demons form the typing class." anyone else remember them?

Re: Romantic Look

If he ever did get the nerve to ask her out, I hope she took him up on it! He's quite handsome. And, as someone else pointed out, quite the stylish young man! (That sweater is something else--but probably very cuddle-worthy. Maybe that's his plan...)

Mimeo smell

If mimeographs smelled anything like the "ditto machine" that used spirit printing, then he is being intoxicated by her looks and the machine's odor! I like his shaggy sweater too.


I didn't foresee a future for computers or even foresee computers, but as luck would have it I took typing anyway. Most useful thing I learned in school.

My Alma Mater

Blair had just been built in 1935, so the classroom is brand new. I graduated some 44 years later and probably slept at my desk in that very room at some point. The building was full of quirky passageways and hidden entrances thanks (I think) to the many expansions over the years. It even had an indoor shooting range in the basement. Can you imagine? The old building and campus still function as an international school but Blair has since moved to a shiny new complex a few miles away.

Go Blazers!

Romantic look indeed!

He's trying so hard to focus on her face!

The amazing Edison

Wikipedia reveals that the A. B. Dick mimeograph machine, still ubiquitous when I was in grade school in the 1970s, was yet another creation of the incredibly fertile mind of Thomas Edison.

Hands on the home row, please!

Oh, how I hated typing class! I hated the buzz of those IBM Selectrics, I hated the drills, I hated the practice, and I didn't care if I only typed 14 words per minute because I'd never, ever type again after that semester. Fast-forward thirty years and I'm making my living as secretary who types 73 wpm. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think I'd end up typing for a living - and being FAST at it.


If I knew they was going to invent computers I would have took up typing in school.

Romantic Look

Look at the guy staring at that very lovely girl by the mimeograph machine. Don't tell me he doesn't want to ask her out!

Mimeograph Memories

When I was was on the school paper back in the 70s we had a mimeo like this one with a similar dust cover. The occasion for much witty repartee as to what "A.B. Dick" stood for. Those were the days!

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