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In Good Hands: 1912

In Good Hands: 1912

"Boy Scout Training demonstration, 1912." Yes, they're back. I found a few more of these oddly poignant portraits of Scouting first aid to the injured. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Wonder if he has a single great-grandson...

The Scout on the right is a handsome devil. He has kind of a young Warren Beatty thing going on.

Thanks Dave

I love all the pictures that you put up. In each and everyone I find amazing details. Like what is that hanging off the boy to the lefts belt? Plus as someone who does a lot of Photoshop, thank you for taking the time to clean these pictures up. I know that when I do similar work, it take time and a bit of finesse.

[You're very welcome. - Dave]

Wow, I missed that

Wow, I missed that comparison of what you start with and what you finish with when it was originally posted. Amazing! You do good work. Thanks for that.


I can't believe you are actually putting that SHORPY logo on pictures that are not yours. It's just pathetic.

[What's pathetic (or at least moderately annoying) is ignorance. The jpegs on this site are indeed ours. More here. - Dave]


Given a choice between downtrodden piece workers in New York tenements and Boy scouts learning valuable life skills 100 years ago. I have to add another vote for the BSA pictures. Keep em coming.

More scouts please!

And I'd love to see some Girl Scout ones too, if possible.

Prelude to War

I wonder how many of these Scouts had to use their "rescue-the-wounded" skills a few years later in The Great War. These pics are kind of a creepy Prelude to War.

Another great addition to this series

Keep them coming, I say!

Don't Stop Bring Em' On

Put up all the damn pics you want, whatever they are, boy scout or not...
They are all just terrific

Ignore the doubters

Dave, ignore the doubters ... I like these old scouting pictures. I learned this same carry when I was a scout. Maybe one of these days, I'll print these out and show them to some of the boys in my troop.

Kerry Creepy

The guy on the left has an uncanny resemblance to Senator John Kerry. Kinda creepy, if you ask me.


GAWD! Enough boring, pointless Boy Scout pictures already.

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