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Ladies and Germs: 1912

Ladies and Germs: 1912

1912. "Dr. George Stiles. Bacteriologist at George Washington University who was supposed to have discovered a TB germ." Harris & Ewing. View full size.


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Any view is nice, in a lab

Ah, the good old days, when microbiology labs were located so you could have a nice window for the reflectors under your 'scopes... These days I only have worked in one hospital lab that was above ground.

George Whitfield Stiles

The good doctor died 19 December, 1970 at age 93. Avoid eating off cracked plates for a long life!

Verse 4

My bonnie lies over the oceans,
My bonnie lies over the seas,
My bonnie ate lunch on cracked dishes,
And now she's got gastric disease!

Bring back, &c.

Crack Epidemic

The New York Times featured his work on July 19, 1908.
Our dashing researcher warns that cracked and chipped dinnerware in restaurants harbors dangerous bacteria and to always insist on a replacement mug or plate.

Dr. Stiles

It's thanks to Dr. Stiles and his capable assistants that we can eat raw oysters without worrying (too much) about typhoid.

Now that's "progress for all mankind"!

Stiles, Dr. George Whitfield, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Orangeburgh, N.Y., June 14, 77. B.S, Okla. Col, 00 ; M.D, George Washington, 05, Ph.D, 09. Asst. bacteriologist, Okla. Col, 00-01 ; bacteriologist, bur. animal indust, U. 8. Dept. Agr, 01- 05, bacter. chemist, bur. chem, 05- Asst. bacter, George Washington, 05-06. Mem. Int. Tuberculosis Cong, Washington, 08. M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; hon. mem. D. C. Med. Soe. Bacteriological chemistry ; preventive medicine; shellfish contamination from sewage; influenza; food bacteriology. — Food bacteriology.

-- "American Men of Science" New York, Science Press, 1910

More Bonnie

My Bonnie peered through her thick glasses,
I thought I was her cup of tea,

Her gaze was for Microscope Lasses,
She loved only them and not me.

Bring back, bring back....

My research suff'r'd much from my bawlin',
My unreturned love caused such pain,

Tuberculin germs were my callin',
So I shot quite a few in her vein.

Bring back, oh bring back....

Anyone Looks Great

With a Gibson Girl hairdo.

Second verse...

My bonnie leaned over the gas tank,
The height of its contents to see.
I lighted a match to assist her,
Oh bring back my bonnie to me.

Bring back,
Bring back,
Bring back my bonnie TB, TB...

You guys are so fun.

You guys are so fun. Charmingly insane, but fun.

What *I* want is not Dr. Great Thoughts, but his lab coat. Why aren't they cute like that anymore!?

Genius at Work

No wonder distinguished bacteriologists remain unsung heroes! Here we have the scene of a genius at work with his two dedicated assistants at his side, and all we can think of are wandering eyes and office romps. I'm shocked! (By the way, Dr. Stiles is not chopped liver, himself.)

I wonder?

The expression on the good doctor's face seems to say "Did I leave the oven on at home?"

The good doctor

I'm thinking that the good doctor bats for the other team. Check out his stylin' Asian-inspired lab coat with the frogs!

All Together Now

My bonnie had Tu-ber-cu-losis
My bonnie has only one lung.
My bonnie can cough up raw oysters,
and roll them around on her tongue.

Bring back,
Bring back,
Bring back my bonnie TB, TB ...


The pretty but less striking bespectacled Petri sorter - Jan to the microscope operator's Marcia - is gazing longingly at Dr. Stiles's sternly handsome, chiseled features. Her heart flutters at his coquettish display of an inch's worth of arm hair. "I wish I was that Ticonderoga #2!"

Come, come Sir...

How can you even think of such a thing?! The lady is a married woman dammit!

Hot Chick in the Lab

If I was Dr. George, no TB germs would have been discovered. I'd have been way too distracted discovering the wiles and charms of the Microscope Hottie.

Office 1907

Oh, the hot, torrid office romances that must have erupted between those three!

Big Difference

Here's the big difference between a distinguished bacteriologist like Dr. Stiles and myself: I would have been staring at the young Miss on our left, taking in that cute little pose she is in, while he is thinking Great Thoughts that will lead to Progress for All Mankind.

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