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Hollywood Family: 1965

Hollywood Family: 1965

November 1965. Fabulous, glamorous, glittering, world-famous Hollywood & Vine. My mother, father and brother take in the dazzling sights while I snap off this Kodachrome, two years after my previous memorable visit. Looks like brother and I have been hitting the record shops. Notable vehicles include a shiny red pre-1957 Volkswagen beetle, a 1961 or 1962 Thunderbird, a 1958 Plymouth wagon and, most interesting of all, a City of L.A. Water & Power Studebaker Champ pickup. View full size.

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I remember

What a nice photo. I used to go to Wallachs to shop for records. Early on, I'd ride my bike across town from the West Adams area and have loads of fun listening to records. I never saw any movie stars shopping there, but by 1964 my family had taken be south of L.A. I used to buy records at Sams Record store on Adams Boulevard too. His pretty assistant used to sell me anything! I was around 12 at that time.

BTW, I only sold my record collection about 5 years ago - I couldn't manage the move back from the Netherlands, where I had moved in 1993.

It's great to see all those cars. I want a 1957 Imperial! Or perhaps a '57 de Soto, or maybe a Chrysler 300! I will also take a 1957 Ford Skyliner or even a convertible - powder blue and white two-toned please. Cheers!

"Drug Lord"?!!

>> In South Central, Drug King is now Drug Lord. Still one on every corner.

What a poor choice for a pharmacy chain name!

Either someone had an offbeat sense of humor or they must have been into some of the pharmaceutical opioids when they put that one together!

[Or maybe someone didn't get the joke. - Dave]

Wallach's Music City

Wallach's Music City was just down the street on Vine and Sunset - you used to be able to take a record into a listening booth - it was a great outing for the family! That was back in the 60's.

The Taft Building

That's the Taft Building, where my husband had his office. Right across the street from the Broadway Building, where the Hollywood Broadway Store was for many years, I hear it's being converted into residential living with stores on the ground floor.

Time travel

This building is still there, and "Holly Vine Shoppe" seems to be inside.

[But since replaced by a Starbucks. -tterrace]

Other vehicles

Behind your parents, a 57 Ford. Behind it a late 50's Ford pick-up. Behind it a 64 Olds. Behind it a 63 Pontiac.

Nice Shot, Tterrace!

Does Rexall still exist? They used to be everywhere. November 1965 was the month that "the lights went out" all along the Eastern seaboard and also the first and last time I ever saw The (original) Rolling Stones when they came through Providence, touring on "Get Off Of My Cloud." I think the tickets were $2.50, and the auditorium (a hockey rink, really) was only half full.

And where was I

... while my family members were out seeing all the glamorous sights? Home in the 'burbs with the little babes. This is fun, I never know when I'll see my relatives on Shorpy.

-- tterrace's sister

Hollywood & Vine

I used to work, just down the street, at Hollywood Sport Cars at Hollywood and Van Ness during the final, sad, years of the British automobile industry. They're mostly gone now. MG, Austin-Healey, Triumph, Jensen and the rest. Hollywood had gotten pretty seedy by the mid 60s, but it's been cleaned up in many areas. Still, the glamour is gone.

Post 57 VW

If that were a pre 57 VW Bug it would have the split oval rear window. The one piece oval window was between 58 and 62, I think.

[The VW's oval, one-piece rear window made its debut in 1953. Tterrace knows this VW is a pre-1957 model because 1957 is the year the back window was almost doubled in size. - Dave]

Remember Lana Turner

I believe that this is the drugstore where Lana was discovered by a talent scout sitting at a lunch counter and having a soda. It started a stampede of young women going in and posing the same way, hoping to be discovered.

[The drugstore where Lana Turner was discovered, according to showbiz lore, was Schwab's on Hollywood Boulevard. - Dave]


Still a couple great shops for record collectors in that neighborhood. An Amoeba down the street on Sunset, and a couple on Hollywood which are like storefront garage sales for record buyers.

Then and Now

In South Central, Drug King is now Drug Lord. Still one on every corner.

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