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Garage X: 1946

Garage X: 1946

"Experimental housing. Storage shed & garage." Remember that this garage is experimental, and that the slightest little bump could could send the whole business -- prototype potting bench, bleeding-edge tool storage -- pinwheeling off into the next dimension. Eric Schaal, Life photo archive. View full size.

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I do love all the little cubbyholes for outdoor toys, sports equipment, bikes, etc. that can be reached without having to go into the garage. That is a nice design.

Isn't this just a model?

It does not look real. It looks like a model diorama photographed in front of a real landscape.


Add a rear window and the car could pass for a 1942 Buick 2 door.

Hubby's Hideout

That's quite a garage. Its almost like a house in itself. I can't tell, but I seem to be seeing a water heater in there, which must mean it also has running water. A man could live there for days if he got into trouble with "the old lady"

That car is amazing too. The trunk is bigger than the interior of the cab. You could stuff another family back there. It also appears to be a garage located on the California coast. Come to think of it, there's an awful lot of little "houses" that resemble this garage that have $800,000 asking prices around parts of where I live out here in San Francisco.

[The round thing is a hatbox. Who'll be the first person to locate this garage on Google Maps? - Dave]

What's wrong with this

What's wrong with this picture? In the midst of this minimalist, elegant, modern architectural design of this house/garage comes this huge, ugly tank of a car. Car companies didn't get it then either.

[Hmm. I wonder what kind of car it is. A 1946 Toy ota, maybe. - Dave]

Armadillo auto

Wow!!! That car has some blindspot. It looks like an antediluvian armadillo.

That car is awesome!

...but 1946 is pretty late for that streamlined art deco style, isn't it?

Still, if anyone's got that in their closet, and wants it hauled away, just give a whistle and I'll be right over.

20/20 hindsight needed

That car's rather experimental too. Backing it out of the garage without running the kids over is a crap-shoot at best.

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