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Homebody: 1953

Hollywood, 1953. "Actress Marilyn Monroe, playfully elegant at home." 35mm negative by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Life photo archive. View full size.

Hollywood, 1953. "Actress Marilyn Monroe, playfully elegant at home." 35mm negative by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Life photo archive. View full size.

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My word!

You don't see lips like those every day!

She Looks Tired?

The soul of every man who sees those eyes understands what they say. If not, he's never loved a woman with all his being.

She looks tired.

It could just be the makeup and the pose, though.

Marilyn Monroe

Although Monroe was undoubtedly complicit in the creation of her iconic status as a sex symbol, the entertainment and arts industries require a great amount of compromise by the artist-entertainers in order for them make a living and sustain their viability. We sometimes forget that very talented people are often complex, sensitive, fragile, vulnerable and limited in social skills. Like John Lennon, Truman Capote, Judy Garland, Pablo Picasso, Leonard Bernstein and thousands of others whose work has given us great and lasting pleasure, Monroe was worshiped and condemned by us, sometimes almost in the same breath. She was a good but underdeveloped actress, an adored but neglected woman, and did not live long enough to become the whole person she must have hoped she could be.

Think again...

A friend of mine worked with Marilyn when she was shooting "Niagara" here in the Falls. There was a great deal behind her face! A very lovely (in all senses of the word) person. America's favourite pastime seems to be building up entertainment icons and then tearing them down. What she wanted most was to be a serious actress, and if you watch "The Misfits," you see some of what she could have been. Unfortunately Hollywood seemed to focus on a different set of assets!

MM Quote

"It's not true I had nothing on. I had the radio on."

A certain lack of character

I suppose I'm one of those oddballs who never could figure out why so much was made of a woman whose face seemed to have nothing behind it. She reminds me of a pretty little yapping dog. By the way, I do think she was a very good comedienne and "The Seven-Year Itch" a fantastic film because of her.


lips and the light on them.

Then I saw her face

Now I'm a believer. Seriously, I have never been a big MM fan, generally preferring the ladies of the '20's and 30's big screen. But I must confess: Shorpy has converted me with this shot! Wow.


I agree completely with MacKenzieK on this one. One can never have too much of Marilyn Monroe. These pics are fantastic. Thanks again for posting them.


There is sexuallity and sensuallity. Marilyn was one of the few to possess both and was able to exude it whether clothed or not.

Natural Beauty

Marilyn was a beauty with or without makeup. The tragedy is she never realized that ... she wasn't comfortable with being just Norma Jean, but being Marilyn is what killed her in the end. It's probably better that she died at a young age (okay, so 36 isn't THAT young), otherwise she'd have been like Bettie Page, insisting that she not be photographed in her old age -- such a shame.

What dyed?

>>i see nothing but a lot of makeup and hair dye

You could definitely do with a new monitor.

Beautiful pic, you can almost smell her Chanel #5. If you have more, please keep them coming, Dave.

XXX, Don Philippo (Alkmaar, Holland).


i see nothing but a lot of makeup and hair dye.


Please don't get tired of showing us photos of Marilyn. Lord, what a compelling and special woman!

Not Stoned

Those are what's known as 'bedroom eyes', A.T.
She looks just fine to me.

Without the rose colored glasses....

She looks a bit stoned to me.

If Only

What another wonderful photograph. Indeed, the camera loved her. Many around the world loved her and still do. If only we could just love her back to life somehow.

No One Compares

What an amazing beauty. Nothing today can even come close. Breathtakingly stunning!

Someone Else the Camera Loved

When I was writing that last comment I should have mentioned the death of someone else that the camera absolutely loved, Miss Bettie Page. There was something about her face that made it so that it was virtually impossible to take a bad picture of it. While her body is well known thanks to the type of photos she took, it was her face that made her photos. Anyone could and many - including Marilyn - did do "saucy" photo shoots (in the nude or close to it) it was a rare few who managed to stand out while doing it. Bettie Page was the queen of them ... because the camera loved her.

The Camera Loved Her

Be it a still camera or a movie camera it loved her, and she loved it right back. There's something about her facial features capped off with that beauty mark in just the right place. And as far as we know, except for weight loss and the usual plucking and primping and styling it was all natural (in other words no nipping and tucking).


Definitely, this woman was very beautiful and very sensual

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