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Kids' Table: 1966

Kids' Table: 1966

The kids' table in my mother's newly remodeled kitchen in Mount Airy, North Carolina. I'm the girl on the right. It's either Thanksgiving or Christmas 1966. Kitchen is still the same except the oven door was replaced with a white one sometime in the 1980s. Kodachrome slide. View full size.

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Full House

I'm from Canada and remember the "playing card" glasses but I never knew when they came from.


The "kids table" tucked away in the kitchen at a family holidays supper, that brings back so many memories!

Back in the 60's and 70's in Canada a lot of hotdog mustard brands came in glasses, some *exactly* like the ones on the table. There were also the glasses with the hearts, spades, diamond and clubs on them (anyone remember those?)

Ann Page jelly glasses

Ann Page stuff from the A&P frequently came in these. My grandma still has a few of them in her cupboard.

Bama jar glasses

I grew up with those glasses...I believe they were indeed Bama brand jelly jars with the thin metal pop-off tops (no threads needed on the glass lip).
Half the reason parents bought them was to get the glasses!

Call me Columbo

Oh, by the way, the holiday is Christmas. I know this because the napkin on the table has a Christmas wreath pictured, and chances are it would not be from the Christmas holiday a year before. My kitchen still looks like this, as do my kitchen accouterments as I do not like change.

Classic Kids Table

This is the classic kids table! The wiggly folding table with the vinyl cover, the mismatched chairs and the mismatched kids. Something tels me the two girls were not very happy to be sitting with the two nutso boys.

I can still the remember the year I made the jump to the adult table by absolutely refusing to sit with my crazy cousins who were actually a couple years older than me.

Looks Familiar

Let's see, we had the same cabinets, the same Corningware teapot, the same glasses and I think I see the lid to a Revereware pan above the poster's head. Gotta love this website.

Just like home

Looks like my original kitchen, 1958 Northern Virginia.. Cabinets are now workbenches in the garage. My mom had the Corningware teapot. Which had blue flowers on it.

Deja jelly

I just want to be the third to say that we had those exact same glasses. Round at the top, square at the bottom. A classic design, but what's it called and who designed it? There must be a website somewhere devoted to them/him/her.


Those glasses; we had glasses like that. How did you get our glasses? At some point we also had a quilted card table cover similar to this one. The whole ad hoc auxiliary kids' dining table situation here is classic. As for Pinwheel-Boy, I'm familiar with that look too, but not from babysitting, rather as a fellow practitioner.

Jelly glasses

My family had an assortment of those glasses with the milk. They had Bama jelly in them to begin with; you rinsed them and voila!


Babysitter here. I know that look. Completely insane.

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