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Corner Time: 1916

Corner Time: 1916

From now until February we'll be doing hourly updates from the ShorpyCam at Seventh and F. National Photo Company glass negative. View full size.


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Washington 6% Permanent Building Ass'n.

Didn't people prefer their buildings to be 100% permanent?

RE: Open windows

I think someone already responded with a similar answer but my first dormroom in upstate New York had steam heat with no way to adjust it. You kept the temperature the way you liked it with the window.

Get down

Where's their down jackets? Aren't they chilly?

Horn the Tailor

Is it a business name or a slogan? But seriously, this is a great shot, love the contrast of the Beaux Arts Barrister Bldg. and the almost Federal-style structure next door. And our old favorite "Painless Dentistry" pitch gets another airing.

Wonderful photo!


The "Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company" visible on the left in the background was the ancestor of A&P supermarkets. They launched the modern grocery store concept in 1912. Within a few years, they had hundreds of stores, using standardized layouts and innovative pricing.

Re: Open Windows

Big coal-fired steam heaters didn't have a lot of finesse. No "zones," and maybe not even a thermostat -- more likely a guy in the basement and a coal shovel. In the Northeast you can still find buildings from this era and earlier which leave you sweating it out in one room and freezing in another.

Is that yours?

I don't know why I noticed this, but at the bottom of the picture, just above the black line flaw, it looks like someone dropped folded bill, or more likely a cigarette pack. Just thought I'd point it out in case anyone comes looking for it!

Open Windows

I notice that various windows are opened. Being in California, I'm familiar with living in the snow. Why would you open windows with snow on the ground? I look forward to following this image.

Hi Mom!

Shorpy Cam.... too cool. Now I just gotta get there and wave so my family can see me.

Who's Your Friend?

District Loan Advertisements: circa 1906 & 1909. A revealing example of the time when pianos, as opposed to automobiles, were considered prime collateral for a loan.

Don't ask a friend for money. You might be disappointed. CALL ON US and BE SURE! Make a business transaction of it, then no one will know of your affairs. We loan on furniture, pianos, teams, etc. Loans paid off and more money advanced at lower rates. District Loan Co., 639 F street NW, Corner 7th & F.

If you decide to get a PRIVATE loan on furniture, piano, etc., without removal, and want to get it where NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED, where the matter will receive prompt and courteous attention, fill out this blank, mail it to us and our AGENT WILL CALL AT ONCE and explain our rates, which are the lowest offered in the city. Loans paid off and more money advanced. Tel. Main 4373.



Segregation by sex

Great idea! All the men stand on the dry streetcorner, empty-handed, smoking and talking while all the ladies carrying numerous cumbersome packages and wearing long skirts go walk around in middle of the road in the flood of slush.

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