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Jersey Hotties: 1911

Jersey Hotties: 1911

July 11, 1911. "On beach near Casino, Asbury Park." Anyone up for a nice cold lemonade? 5x7 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection. View full size.


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Stewed Prunes

Nothing screams beach outfit like an overcoat, shirt, tie, trousers, black socks and shoes. Luckily, the straw hat deflects the 90 degree heat rising from the scorched sand preventing this hallucinatory individual from spontaneously combusting. Later in the day, this gentleman was reported to be seen leaving the Casino wearing only his trousers and hat. He immediately left Asbury Park, went home to find a wool suit and promptly returned to his spot on the beach.

100 years ago today

and today is 7/11/11!

Two very different days

Thanks for the clarification! So it really was 7-11-1911, a Tuesday. In that other picture, the one dated 7-19-08, the surf is high and wild. Couldn't possibly have been taken on the same day as this placid "Seurat"-like scene.

Glad to know that Shorpy leaves no stone unturned to assure accuracy.

Was this 1911 or 1908?

I've just checked the Library of Congress website and the date given for this GG Bain photograph is July 19, 1908.

[The date (7-11-1911) is written on the edge of the negative. Someone seems to have confused it with the date written on this negative. - Dave]

Heaven forbid!

This really is a wonderful picture in so many ways. It's probably my all time favorite photo here on Shorpy. My take on the people follows:

The woman holding the little girl and saying something to the boy is their mother. The woman in the foreground is her sister and the other little girl is hers, the cousin of the boy and his sister.

As for that oddball in the straw hat being the boy's father, heaven forbid! At best I'll let him be the uncle, and even that's a stretch, although it would leave open the question of just who the heck he is. I'm tempted to Photoshop him out of this otherwise enchanting scene, but that would be "lying" and so I won't do it.

As Anonymous Tipster commented: Gosh, to know the whole story of this simple scene! If ever a time machine was needed, this is the moment!

This is a remarkable photo.

This is a remarkable photo. The ladies are lovely, the voyeur looks the same as he would today... The boy on the right in the seersucker suit looks as uncomfortable as can be. I love this photo.

A Tuesday

A Tuesday if I remember correctly, around noon on a sunny summer day ... Just inspired me to write a story.

Que Seurat, Seurat

I have to agree with T.U.M., it sure looks like it would make a perfect Seurat subject. Hope the photoshop contest crowd gives it a shot.

P.S. -- The Jersey Shore still attracts some of the most attractive women in the world.


I spent five minutes absorbing the details of this image. I've always found the Gibson Girl look very fetching, and the young woman holding the child is, well, I'd love to meet her.

Gosh, to know the whole story of this simple scene. Where and how they lived, what did they have for lunch, what happened at home that evening, or throughout the rest of their lives for that matter. These pictures resonate in some deep place for me and I'm sure many others.

Still waiting for that time machine. Somebody, please hurry.

It's the Dad!

My guess is that the man smoking, looking disinterested in the children and clearly setting himself apart from the little ones, is of course, their father. Who else could look so disengaged?


From the composition to the use of lighting and shadow - add a few brush strokes and this is Renoir or Seurat.

Very Now in a Then Sort of Way

With a change of costume but not necessarily much change in hairstyles, the two young women and their children can be seen in the same poses on any summer beach today (you won't even have to wait for summer here in San Diego where I'm writing), not to mention the boy behind them who's smiling as he notices the camera. I've an old friend who lived out here in the 1970s who looked quite like this girl and who frequently wore her long hair in the same Edwardian crown roll, and looked smashing in vintage shirtwaists with boned collars. Same thoughtful gaze, too, but I can't say that I remember her showing up on the beach in those shoes.

Sand pale

It would be some time until suntanned skin would be considered attractive on women. That was popularized by our old friend Coco Chanel, who also popularized extremely heavy smoking for women (she suggested 3 to 4 packs a day, to keep weight down).

Gibson Girly

Those women have their arms bare all the way up to the elbows! What's next -- exposed ankles?

"The look"

The stare of the young lady -- straight on and unwavering! Marvelous!

The Butler did it!

Who the heck is the creepy guy in the suit and tie?

Hat man

The guy on the left seems a teensy bit overdressed.

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