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Friends School Football: 1906

Friends School Football: 1906

1906. "Friends School football." Junior varsity team at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Looks like the chubby kid laced his pants very hastily...


A few of these lads are in danger of smiling.

Wide Receiver

The second boy from the left in the first row is something you don't see too often on Shorpy pics from the early 1900's. A chubby kid!

By the way, I love the Hannibal Lecter masks on the kids! Careful, they bite!

Football Rubber Nose Masks

The 1908 Sears, Roebuck catalogue says they're "Football Rubber Nose Masks. Made of finest rubber. Fastens around the head. Gives absolute protection to nose and teeth, and hangs by neck band when not in use. $1.40, + 14 cents postage."

I suppose players bite the lower plate while the ball is in play.

I really expected

to see the sign for the "He-Man Women Haters Society" hanging in the tree. Those leather helmets don't look like they give much protection.

And what the heck is hanging around their necks? "Cups"? Who'd want that hanging up there?

Too Cool for School

This entire group is confidence personified. The very coolest cats of course are the players in the suits, hats and topcoats who obviously are the puppeteers. A great picture, thank you.

Nose Guards

They look like a perfect fit to be nose guards of some sort.

Football Pool

What are the odds that the two kids in the second row on the left (in the suits) are the guys that pay the other kids off to throw the game.


At first glance it would appear that none of them are wearing their cup supporters in the right place. Obviously those are nose cups. If so, they STILL are not being worn in the right place, unless they are Adam's apple cups.

Wonder how many of them ended up "dating" Fina a few years later?

It runneth over

Someone should tell those youngsters that's not where they're supposed to wear their cups.

C'mon you Quakers

. . kill 'em!

I guess this would probably be when Sidwell Friends still had a large number of actual Quakers. Also before it and most Quaker schools became very fancy and expensive.

What are items?

What are the things hanging around the necks of some of the boys ? They appear like a form of a face mask.

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