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'Hot Dogs': 1920

'Hot Dogs': 1920

New York, October 6, 1920. "Baseball -- 'Hot dogs' for fans waiting for gates to open at Ebbets Field." This was Game 2 of the World Series between Brooklyn and Cleveland. Bain News Service photo. View full size.


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The Robins won the game, but Cleveland the Series 5-2

The Brooklyn team was called the Robins then. They won the game 3-0 behind Burleigh Grimes pitching, but the Indians won the World Series, 5 games to 2. The Series was best of nine then.

Anti Meme

Or I thought it was deja vu...but I checked; this is at least the fifth time for the "no baggy shorts, tattoos, thuggish scowls" meme. At the risk of stating the obvious, you're stating the obvious.

"Real" Lemonade

I dunno. If it was anything like circus lemonade, I think I'd pass.

The recipe for circus lemonade has not changed from that day to this. A tub of water — with no particular squeamishness regarding its source — tartaric acid, some sugar, enough aniline dye to give it a rich pink, and for a finish some thin slices of lemon. The slices of lemon are known as "floaters," and any which are left in the tub at the close of a day's business, together with those which have come back in the glasses, are carefully saved over for the next day's use. In this way the same floaters may appear before the public a considerable number of times.

-- From "The Ways of the Circus: Being the Memories and Adventures of George Conklin, Tamer of Lions" (1921)

Brooklyn Dodgers fan joke

Vendor: "Hey, COLD beeah heah, COLD beeah..."
Fan: "Hey yo, gimme a bottle!"
Vendor: "You want it for drinkin' or t'rowin'?"

The Dodgers' Real Home

And unfortunately, here's what stands there today:

Hot and Cold

Imagine that. Guilt-free hot dogs and ice cold lemonade. I wonder how much they were? Guys get all the fun, evidently.

What's that

Any idea what the gizmo is next to the two coffeepots? The can with the thin tube going down next to the coffee pot.

[It's the fuel reservoir for the stove. - Dave]

It's refreshing to NOT see all the extraneous bits and pieces now deemed necessary. Part of the good old days that really was good! All very dignified and proper.

What a difference 90 years makes

Why aren't any of the fans wearing Dodgers or Indians uniforms or logo-wear? What about baggy shorts, backwards baseball caps, or tribal tattoos? What about corporate sponsor logos? Finally, I'm not sure what's in the hot dogs, but I know that the lemonade is sweetened with real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.


Cleveland was in a World Series?

(Oops, sorry. Cheap shot.)

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