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Print My Finger: 1918

Washington, 1918. "U.S. Navy Intelligence Bureau. Fingerprint department clerks James A. Noonan, Mrs. G.G. Boswell." Harris & Ewing glass neg. View full size.

Washington, 1918. "U.S. Navy Intelligence Bureau. Fingerprint department clerks James A. Noonan, Mrs. G.G. Boswell." Harris & Ewing glass neg. View full size.


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A bit of argot definitely applies

This, as guys like me would have said considerably later in America's history, is a really classy dame!

Hot prints

This image is unintentionally hot on SO many levels.

Hubba Hubba!

She can ink my digits any time! She deserves her own category: Prettiest Girl on Shorpy.

Shape Up or Ship Out!

Four years in the Navy and I never had duty like that. I finally managed to get my eyes away from Ms.Boswell and glanced at Seaman Noonan.

Shape up, lad! Your neckerchief is poorly rolled, the knot is too tight and way too low. And, Sailor, at least one of the buttons on your trousers is adrift. The other twelve better be secure or it's mess duty for a month. (Not to mention Mr. Boswell's wrath!)


A very nice Myrna Loy quality; the fingerprinting increases the "Thin Man" parallels!


Yes, she is very attractive. Just goes to show that fashion and hair styles can change but beauty is timeless.

There is nothing like a dame..... flush the lurkers out from their lairs.

Redundancy be damned, Mrs. B is way up there on the charts!

Woman's View

I've done this and I can assure you that she should have sleeve protectors -- it's a messsy job. Wonder if that's a whistle around her neck to call for help with the likes of all you guys.

Wait A Minute!

Is that wedding band on her ring finger?

Mrs. (or Miss) Boswell

In the February 24, 1918 edition of the NY Times: "Miss Marie Dahm of New York, 20 years old, has been appointed a finger-print expert for the Navy Department. She passed first in the civil service examination for finger-print work. Miss Julia G. Boswell of Alexandra, VA, was second."

According to the 1900 census, a Julia G Boswell, six years old, was living in Port Tobacco, Maryland. She was the daughter of H.H. and Isabel Boswell. I found no further records on Julia G. Boswell.

Dirty old men the lot of you.

But of course count me in that group as well. And thank you Mrs. Boswell.


Dave, I believe that your tags need to be updated, she belongs in "Pretty Girls"


Hope that sheet had eleven boxes.

All Blue

I would have let Mrs. Boswell fingerprint me all day long.

Well hello, Mrs. Boswell

Mrs. Boswell is quite attractive.

Going Digital

What a beautiful lady.

Handsome Pair

What a handsome pair--fingerprint my heart, dear, it's guilty of loving you!

Biometric Measurements

Its a good thing she is not taking his blood pressure, which is surely rising in the presence of this lovely young woman as indicated by his cowlick standing straight up.

Gorgeous !

" She should'a been in pictures!!"


She's the hottest gal I've seen here on Shorpy. Wow...shame we can't see more of her. Love her smooth, creamy complexion, clean lines of her face, and cute hair bob style.

Nice blouse too.

Mr. Boswell one lucky guy in 1918. This has to be one of the prettiest girls on Shorpy! That neck!

A knockout

Mrs Boswell is an absolute stunner.

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