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Waste Not: 1918

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "World War I. Food Administration electric signs, 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue N.W." National Photo Co. View full size.

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "World War I. Food Administration electric signs, 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue N.W." National Photo Co. View full size.


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Regardless... seems the Army outranked Jesus...

re: Fog or Photo?

It's a photographic effect called halation, in which the light passes through the emulsion and is reflected back onto the rear of the emulsion by the glass plate or film base, as the case may be.

Sometime later (1920s?) manufacturers placed an anti-halation coating on their plates and films.

Temperance Fountain Move

That is the Temperance Fountain. I think it was moved when the Metro line was built under Seventh Street. I always though it was ironic that the Temperance Fountain stood in front of the Apex Liquor Store.

Mexico City - 1962

Its a long story, but I found myself in Mexico for Christmas and "Three Kings Day" in 1962 and the church near where I was staying had put out a bright red flashing neon sign as their holiday decor which simply said "Ole'Jesus".

Central Mission

Central Union Mission still exists in Washington and still has a religious message in big letters on its building. There is no controversy about it. The only controversy is from the gentrifiers who have moved into the neighborhood and don't like having a homeless shelter nearby.

Fog or Photo?

Are the halos around the lights caused by atmospheric conditions, or are they photographic phenomena?

The Word Will Shine Steadily

Washington Post, March 25, 1910.


Great Letters Will Flash "Jesus, the Light of the World."

        The Central Union Mission will soon erect on the roof of the mission building an immense electric sign bearing the words "Jesus, the Light of the World."
        The letters in the word "Jesus" will each be between 12 and 14 feet in height, and the word will shine steadily. The phrase "The Light of the World," in which the letters will be about 8 feet in height, will flash alternately.
        It is the intention of committee which is conducting the work to have the cost of the sign, which will be about $700, borne by the Sunday schools of the city, and the young people's societies of the different churches will be asked to contribute to the expense of maintenance.

Temperance Fountain

The cement-canopied monument right in front of the Apex building looks like the notorious Temperance fountain (with its twisted fish and green-copper heron). If so, it seems to have moved a bit north since this photo was taken.

Heavenly Light

The sign below the name of Jesus reads, "THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD." It is taken from John's gospel (8:12), where Jesus says, "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life."


The building today.

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Religious expression

You can put a sign up saying "Jesus Loves the World" anywhere you want, as long as it's not on public (city, state, country) owned property. You could also put up a sign which says "Allah Loves the World", or anything else you want to say. Let's not make controversies where they don't exist. Ain't America great?

Calling Jay Ward

Am I the only one who is old enough that this brought back memories of the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show closing credits?

The Jesus sign

I think the Jesus sign says, "Jesus the light of the world." I think it would only be a controversy if it were on a public (government-owned) building--and, if it were on such a building, it should be a controversy.

Food or Army?

Don't waste the food or don't waste the Army?

The sign to the left

Does the sign to the left say "Jesus Loves the World"? Sadly in today's America, that would be a controversy if it wern't in front of a church.

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