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King of the Cowboys

King of the Cowboys

Here is my collection of Post Cereal pins from the late 1940s and early '50s. They all say Post Grape Nuts Flakes on the back and some are dated as late as 1953. View full size.

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Roy's dog Bullet

I was miffed when Roy named the dog Bullet. That was the name I (and probably 10,000 other kids) submitted as an entry in the "Name Trigger's Colt" contest before he got the dog. Trigger Jr. won.


Sorry, no Dale or Trigger buttons. I remember I was getting pretty sick of eating Grape Nuts Flakes. Oh!....and no Gabby Hayes either.


Great collection! You must take them on "Antiques Road Show" when it comes to your town!

You were always on my mind

Roy autographed my cowboy hat in the third grade. He and Dale were making an appearance at the Houston Rodeo. I got him to sign my hat. What a treasure, at least it would be now. At that time I was concerned only about being able to wear the hat to play in. Not sure what happened to it, but I do remember that Bullitt (his dog) was nearby and really barking a lot!

My Roy Rogers Filling

As a little kid I needed a cavity filled. The dentist bought out this board with a bunch of different lead pistol bullets attached -- each labeled with a name of a famous cowboy. I could pick the kind of "filling" I wanted from that selection. I picked the "Roy Rogers." Now, no one ever told me that was just a gimmick, so you can imagine...

Funny how thoughts surface after decades. This would have to be in the early part of the 60s in Omaha before we moved South. Great collection Photobay!


No Dale or Trigger buttons?

I can laugh now, but... a boy I had a horrible secret. My middle name is Dale, after one of my uncles. So? Last name is Evans. And the last thing you wanted any of your classmates to know back in the mid-1950's was that you had the same as Roy's lovely wife. Luckily, no teacher ever threw in middle names during attendance roll calls. Whew!!

I wasn't a big Roy Rogers fan (no singing cowboys for me), but I did get a Christmas present of that very gun and holster depicted on those buttons. What I really longed for was one those Fanner 50's. But I still have the Roy Rogers holster, all tattered and scuffed, but the gun mysteriously morphed into a broken Gene Autry model. Cowboys weren't a big deal when my son was little, so all those mementos have just whiled away the time nestled in the odds 'n ends drawer. Happy trails ...

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