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Last of the Red-Hot Godmothers: 1960

Last of the Red-Hot Godmothers: 1960

Well, I missed the 49th anniversary of this photo, taken on April 23, 1960 outside St. Patrick's Church in Larkspur, California after my Confirmation. That's not Sophie Tucker, it's my godmother, a very sweet lady of whose eye I was the apple. Scanned from a 35mm Kodacolor negative shot by my brother. View full size.

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Oh what a woman!!

if this isn't the very picture of the doting, slightly overbearing, come-give-Auntie-a-big-kiss, pinch-your-cheeks, overly excitable Hollywood auntie/godmother, then nothing is or ever was.

She's adorable and so are you. I'll bet you adored her as much as she adored you.

The Godmother

In the Catholic Church a godmother, as well as a godfather, is a very special person. In fact you have a pair of those when you're baptized and one of your own sex when you have your confirmation. Your baptismal godparents help your parents present you to God when you're baptized and are committed to raising you in the bosom of the Church in the event of your parents' death. Your confirmation godparent -- in my case my godmother -- is there to bear witness to your commitment to your faith. He or she is there to support you and guide you in your initiation into adulthood. In order to be able to become a godparent, you must be a practicing Catholic and have been baptized, confirmed and have received the Sacred Eucharist. These, of course, are my unprofessional definitions.

How delightful!

I'm home sick today with my very first-ever case of strep throat, and this picture certainly helped cheer me up. (Well, that and the pain relievers...)

What exactly is the role of a godmother, btw? (We don't have them in the Church of Christ.) Does she have an obligation to come over and take care of you when you have strep throat? If your parents pass away before you're 18, does she take you in and see you to graduation?

She looks lovely, and I find myself wishing fervently for a godmother! What was/is her name?

Very Norman Rockwell

Really very adorable and you both look like characters out of a Saturday Evening Post cover. Makes me long for a past I wish I had.

Old lady style

With the exception of maybe the hat and gloves, your godmother would still fit in with the older set today! She looks perfectly trendy, in fact (it looks like godmother had to hem her dress up quite, a bit, too!). This photo really could have been taken yesterday!


She looks soooo proud of you! What a sweet picture.

Can this get any cuter?

I just want to say I always enjoy your lovely scenes of a very lovely boyhood and family. This (besides the one of you and your grandmother) is the sweetest.

I love it!

I love this picture! What a great memory, and what a great lady, I bet.

The mark of a lady...

There was a certain dignity in seeing a lady in a hat that's been lost, probably forever.

Soldier of God!

This brings back so many memories. I was confirmed in the sixties too, and I'll never forget my confirmation party. Mid-party the Chicago cops knocked on the door saying my brother had stolen a car....long story short, great photo!

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