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Girls Gone Wild: 1924

Girls Gone Wild: 1924

May 7, 1924. "Three models from Washington's spring fashion show snapped at Arlington Beach." National Photo Company glass negative. View full size.


Photographer used good film

The photog used good film as its ASA was fast enuf to capture the ripples in the water without distortion. Really good for its day. Probably used a 4x5 grafik camera ... huge neg

[None of these photos were made with film. Which is why it says "glass negative" in the caption. - Dave]

My Gosh

They're not even wearing shoes and socks!


And to think, my wife won't go swimming with me because her bathing suit has a hole in the knee.

Better and Better

Dave, you are to be complimented. SHORPY gets better every day.

[We can thank Fred for these groovy colorized images. - Dave]

Girls Gone Wild -- in color

Or so I like to think. Click to enlarge.


Some insensitive cretin called them "a bunch o' flappers!"

Rare Glimpse

Vintage thigh!

In my humble opinion..

the one in the middle has the best gams.And the Drew Barrymore look doesn't hurt either.

Arlington Beach

was an amusement park on what is now the grounds of the Pentagon.

Unheard of

Can you imagine three "fashion models" of our day allowing themselves to be photographed in such a state of relaxed and comfortable undress, with their hair crumpled and their dresses spattered? They look so ... what's the word I'm looking for ... so happy.

All I can say is

Hubba, hubba and hubba.


Did anyone say why the three models snapped?

Hem and Her

What are the young girls of today thinking. Just look at how high the girl on the right is hiking up her hem. Shocking I tell you, shocking. What would their mothers think? Next thing they'll be dancing in public. Women didn't act this way until they got the vote.

Here comes Treble

A trio of real charmers, regardless of year! Very nice, lots of happiness and glee in these three!


Or should I say, Scandal-lust.....

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