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The Rat Collector: 1908

The Rat Collector:  1908

"Bring out yer rats." Ferrets were used in turn of the century New York to track down rodents. Here is the result of one such hunt in 1908. You want to be dressed in a jacket and tie for this kind of work. From the George Grantham Bain Collection. View full size.


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Rat meat

I ate rats at my brother-in-law's house in Thailand. They had them basically BBQ on charcoal. Quite good really if you forget what it is and use lots of spicy dip.

And they are field rats not sewer ones... they been getting fat in the rice field. So it does sound worse than it is really if you can forget all the brainwashing

My first rat

Just this summer in Thailand I ate my first rat. I bought it off a street food vendor. And in spite of what they say no it does not taste like chicken. It is not an unpleasant taste but not like chicken. And here's another link that will help you understand why you never saw a Thai on "Fear Factor." For years I have spent part of my time living in Thailand with my wife and children and can tell you that you see these things being sold all over. My son and I both eat Non Pai as a snack food.


It's a shame y'all weren't here to hear me scream like a big woman when I saw this photo.


too bad Ferrets can't hang out in restaurants nowadays. the Department of Health in NYC would certainly fine you at least $200 for having an animal in a food service establishment! (No, you can't even have a cat hanging out in a restaurant, and dogs are illegal too, even in a sidewalk cafe, unenclosed!)

*orders print for kitchen

*orders print for kitchen

The Rat Catcher

You must read "Up in The Old Hotel".....otherwise this reminds me of "Rat ina Box, We Fry what You won't Touch"


Weird - this same guy (different ferret picture)is pictured on the cover of John Hodgman's "The Areas of my Expertise"

The rat vendor

They tried introducing these at baseball games in the 1930s, but it never took off.

"Buy me some peanuts and cracker rats,
I don't care if I never get back ..."

Where'd I leave that pushcart?

So this must be how "street food" got started.

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