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It was one year ago, June 23, 2008, that I uploaded my first photos to Shorpy. Ironic that on that date, exactly one year less a day before Kodak discontinued the film, one of them was a Kodachrome. This is me, in Kodachrome, shooting Kodachrome with my Kodak Retinette, in July 1967. View full size.

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re: Ah hah

Actually, that's the approach to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, then State 17, now I-580. You can see the old westbound overpass from 101 near the right edge.

Ah hah!

I think I know that location now. It's the hill that seems to get a fire going on at least once each summer. There used to be a cross on top of it, but I'm sure it's been taken down by now.

I can see 101 running off into the distance, heading over into Corte Madera, and Larkspur. I did in fact just cross that bridge twice this morning.

Milestone location

This is a section of this shot, so you're right about the bridge, rgraham, but it's actually on the hill overlooking downtown San Rafael, up Robert Dollar Drive in Boyd Park.

McNear's Beach

I'm going to take a stab here, and say this was taken near McNear's Beach in San Rafael California. That is the Richmond-San Rafael bridge for sure in the background. I'll even say that it's a hill that you can climb and look down upon the Peacock Gap Golf Course.

One of the Immortals

Hmmm, Ansel Adams, Arthur Rothstein, Dorothea Lange, Jack Delano, Lewis Hine, Russell Lee, Walker Evans ... and tterrace. You move in some pretty good company, buddy!

Thanks a million

To Erzsi for suggesting my gallery, to Dave for creating it and also to Dave for tackling the lion's share of the tagging, which I was bollixing up on my first attempt. Also to all the people who've said nice things about my photos. Viva Shorpy!

Photographers list

I think tterace deserves to be included in the list in the right sidebar. Thanks, tterrace.

[Good idea. I've created a gallery for his posts called tterrapix. Now all he needs to do is to go back and "tag" his previous posts to make them appear in the gallery. - Dave]

Thank you so much

I like your photos, they are a big part of SHORPYs side. Thank you for every photo, keep on!

Thanks, Tterrace

Your photos and comments are part of what make Shorpy the best photo website I've seen.

Happy anniversary, Tterrace!

We're glad you're here and we love your photos. Keep 'em coming!


This reminds me of the way I typically dress and comb my hair. Nobody my age tucks their shirt in so I'm trying to bring it back.

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