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The Kitchen Clock: 1918

The Kitchen Clock: 1918

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "The Kitchen Clock." Which I'll just bet is a play about a kitchen that comes to life at the stroke of midnight. View full size.


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Not dust bunnies or tea bags -- I'm pretty sure the two girls lying down and the one with the duster are brownies (impish fairies). Note that all three are barefoot.


The duster and even the broom would be great costumes. Lots of imagination!


Put a sink and an icebox on the wall, and this looks just like Ralph and Alice's place!

A Musical Make-Believe

"The Kitchen Clock. A musical make-believe in a prologue and one act. Words by Florence Crocker Comfort. Music by Herbert E. Hyde."

There's a copy on the shelves at the Chicago Public Library if anyone has a hankering to read it.

I am the walrus..

I could swear I saw this same picture on a Beatles album cover back in the 60's.Or maybe it was the Bali Hai wine. Far out man.

I've got it!

The girls on the floor are dust bunnies, obviously.

But Teacher says it's an IMPORTANT part!

"Dangnab it, I don't care what your teacher says, girls. I didn't slog my way through the trenches of France getting shot at by Kaiser Bill so I could come home and see my kids play a plunger and a dustpan in front of the whole town!"


This reminds of those early Warner cartoons, where all the inanimate objects in the kitchen come to life.


I love the feather duster girl in the corner! Her expression is adorable.

This is such a weird grouping of objects -- I must learn more about this play. I wonder if the pot calls the kettle black.

Props to the props

I suspect I'd have to pan the acting, but the prop designer showed real artistry, knew how to make the cheapest 2-dimensional cardboard look like 3D from a distance. And the broom and feather-duster must have taken many hours of work.

Quick, roll under the bed!

It's not often that you see giant dust bunnies out in plain sight.

And the best costume award goes to...

The broom is awesome!

"The Kitchen Clock"

Described here as a musical play.

Those Boots Were Made for ... Climbing Radiators

What cute "play" clothes. They're missing only a French candelabrum, and they could do the Disney version of Beauty & The Beast. Trying to figure out what the girls lying down are supposed to be. Dish cloths? Tea bags? Dirt in front of the dustpan?

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